Why women need to stop worrying about being liked

I am a brash, passionate, creative, confident, and outgoing woman and sometimes I can be categorized as the “b” word. Even with this confidence, I find myself worrying if people like me. I have even caught myself changing my behavior to make me appear more likable. Self-help books state that my overconfidence is making up for my lack of confidence, we all have something to work on. I just turned 40 and I am reflecting on this first batch of my life and this is what I know. I will take being seen as brash any day, if it means I can provide for my family, stand up for those in need and be heard in the workplace. The right balance of confidence and compassion is what I strive for.

Forbes posted a blog around this conversation. The founder of Girls Who Code shares her story of how she attempted to be nice but was just walked over.

How do you get yourself comfortable with ruffling others feathers, if you are doing what your values tell you is right?

Laura Zabel Hockstra, ΔΚ

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