We are women of Alpha Sigma Alpha

In 2013 Delta Gamma Fraternity began the “I Am A Sorority Woman” social media campaign. The campaign was created in response to negative stereotypes and aims to show that although the members of each organization share a bond, every sorority woman is a unique individual.

This campaign inspired us to think about the sisterhood of Alpha Sigma Alpha…

We develop as women of poise and purpose.

We value strong character.

We have concern for others.

We lead.

We serve.

We make a difference.

We are not just sorority women, we are women of Alpha Sigma Alpha.

Our national council members have shared statements conveying what makes them a unique individual. Their responses illustrate that being a sorority woman, is something to embrace with pride.

“#IAmASororityWoman because I believe in the amazing power of women helping women. The support from sisters has enabled me to be a better mom, friend and leader. In turn, I hope to empower and encourage other women. Together, we will change the world.”

Melissa Merriam, ΕΕ, national president

“I am principled. I am strong. I give back. I have an open heart and mind. #IAmASororityWoman”

Heather Riley, ΦΦ, vice president of operations

“I am a mother, a daughter, an avid volunteer. I am a leader and a lifelong learner. #IAmASororityWoman”

Kelly Morello, EK, vice president of finance

“Because #IAmASororityWoman I am surrounded by women who empower and support each other. They hold me up so that I can pursue adventures, live authentically, dance with abandon and embrace my crazy.”

Kathryn Harth, EE, vice president of communications

“Woman of character. Lifelong learner. Tattooed football fanatic. Practitioner of random acts of joy. #IAmASororityWoman”

Jessica Bridwell, ZΠ, vice president of membership

“I am a wife. I am a mother and a grandmother. I am a special education teacher. I am a volunteer for Special Olympics & the American Cancer Society. I am a Polar Plunge enthusiast. #IAmASororityWoman”

Joanne Catron, A, vice president of membership

“#IAmASororityWoman who is strong, who values integrity and strives to speak for those that have no voice.”

Amber Hutson, HH, vice president of membership

Alpha Sigma Alpha has shared #IAmASororityWoman statements from our collegians, alumnae, volunteers and national headquarters staff throughout the month of August. Join the movement by tweeting your #IAmASororityWoman statement and commenting below.

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