Why You Should Attend the Virtual Leadership Summit

Have you ever been in a room full of women? Women who happen to care about the same things you do, who actually share your values? A group of women who genuinely believe in and love one another, all in one space? A room full of a joyful, contagious energy that makes you feel motivated and excited?

These are the kinds of rooms that I strive to create and stand in. These are the kinds of rooms that the world desperately needs more of, the rooms Alpha Sigma Alpha has allowed me to build with them. This is the room we want you to be in.

Hi. I’m Tina. I am a professional speaker on a mission to help women feel less alone in the world. Women need women. As a woman who spent most of my life building friendships only with men, this was a lesson that took me far too long to learn. Friendship and sisterhood with women has given me understanding, empathy, joy, laughter and purpose.

This is why creating and standing in these rooms full of women is one of my favorite things! Sorority, when done right, serves to do exactly that–help women feel more connected, and less alone. Letting sorority serve its true purpose by bringing you all together with other women of poise and purpose, to discuss life as women, as leaders and as humans is exactly what your founders dreamt of–exactly what sorority was made for.

This is the inspiration behind this summer’s Virtual Leadership Summit. Obviously, the room we’ll be “in” isn’t quite what we’d hoped it would be. And surely, you’re growing tired of Zoom Rooms. You and me both! But I believe in our ability to connect meaningfully, even over the internet. I have been privileged enough to work with the women of Alpha Sigma Alpha several times, finding myself more impressed with each passing year. I know the heart of this organization, and I am sure that, even virtually, this room full of women who share so much with you will be a room worth being in.

Join us for an experience that will leave you feeling fulfilled, loved, empowered and connected. You (and your sisters) deserve it!

Learn more about the Virtual Leadership Summit and ask your chapter president or treasurer how you can get registered today!

This program is being offered in summer 2021 due to the cancelation of the Emma Coleman Frost Leadership Development Institute (LDI).

Tina VanSteenbergen
Program Developer

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