Why you should attend the Leadership Development Institute

Attending the Emma Coleman Frost Leadership Development Institute (LDI) opened so many doors for personal growth. The uplifting environment allowed me to learn how to become a servant leader and continuously develop those traits. I was able to bond with sisters from all over the country through the small groups we were with each day.

At the beginning of the weekend, we began with an ‘I AM’ statement that reflected our values. At the end, we created an ‘I WILL’ statement that stated how we aspire to live our lives. The statement I created  was, “I want the world to know that I will create a movement that inspires women to value hard work and seek continuous improvement while adventurously living life to the fullest.” We were taught how to become authentically confident women and how to accept ourselves.

Without the experience of LDI , I would not be the person I am today. I would encourage sisters to attend this event for numerous reasons, one of which being the lead facilitator, Tina Vansteenbergen, who spoke at the Academy in 2017. Tina taught me and so many others the benefits strong female friendships through her keynote speech, “Better Friends, Better Sisters, Better Women” and I am looking forward to hearing her speak again.

National events, in general, are an incredible way to get involved. They allow you to break outside of your comfort zone and connect with sisters you most likely would not have met anywhere else. Everyone in my small group was at a different spot in their collegiate experience; some had recently joined Alpha Sigma Alpha and others were  graduating the following December. I was able to network and learn what works in their chapters and how they succeeded in their offices no matter the chapter’s size.

One of the most rewarding aspects of this weekend was getting the chance to sit down and read the ritual book. I had only heard the ritual once. Sitting down, reading and talking about the ritual truly made me reflect and remember why I joined Alpha Sigma Alpha in the first place. Today as standards chairman of my chapter, I am glad I had an opportunity such as this to build a strong foundation for our ritual.

Whether you joined Alpha Sigma Alpha a few months ago or you are about to graduate in the next year, like myself, I encourage you to attend the Emma Coleman Frost Development Institute. I promise that you will not regret this experience. It is truly something that is hard to describe and is a ‘you have to be there’ experience.

Claudia Burcham

Beta Nu

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