Why I pay my alumnae dues

As the director of alumnae engagement for Alpha Sigma Alpha’s national headquarters, there’s no doubt that I believe in the lifetime involvement that comes with being a member of this great Sorority. Each day as I reflect over my collegiate and alumnae experiences within AΣA, I am hit with a wave of friendship, purpose, gratitude and love. The Sorority has provided me with opportunities for personal and professional growth, values to uphold in my daily life, a sense of purpose and direction and lifelong friendships with sisters of all ages across the country. Alpha Sigma Alpha helped me to learn more about myself and challenged me to be the best version of Vanessa that I could be.

As a new member in spring 2010, I was a freshman in college who went to school 1,100 miles away from home. I didn’t know any other students on campus, but I also didn’t know much about myself as an individual person. As a new alumna member in spring 2013, I didn’t know what the world (and especially Alpha Sigma Alpha) held for me. Little did I know at those periods in my life the exceptional collegiate and alumnae experiences that I would have thanks to AΣA. And that is why I pay my alumnae dues!

I pay my alumnae dues because I want to help provide continued opportunities for alumnae members to engage with the Sorority. I pay my alumnae dues because I truly believe in Alpha Sigma Alpha and what she instills in women. I pay because I want to help provide today’s collegiate members with the same leadership development I was afforded during my collegiate experience. Knowing that my alumnae dues payment goes towards constant growth for the Sorority, towards bringing sisters together and towards continuing to develop women of poise and purpose is why I pay.

To me, that $25 dues payment a year does not nearly begin to cover all that Alpha Sigma Alpha has given me. For me that is the equivalent to eating out one evening, which I think I can (and should J) give up once a year to give back to the growth of this sisterhood.

I know it can sometimes be seen as a cliché phrase that we hear frequently – but I truly wouldn’t be the woman I am today had Alpha Sigma Alpha not come into my life. I would not have deep and meaningful friendships from coast to coast, or a job that “fills my cup” by giving back to our members. Paying my alumnae dues helps to ensure that our members are continuing to grow and learn from Alpha Sigma Alpha throughout their lifetime, and that’s why I encourage all alumnae to pay theirs too! Together, we can create that meaningful impact for our AΣA sisters.

Vanessa David, ΔK
Director of Alumnae Engagement

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