Why attending Alpha Sigma Alpha’s 50th National Convention & Leadership Conference is worth your time

In July 2014, I was a recent college graduate who believed that no one could possibly be more passionate about Alpha Sigma Alpha than I was. That was, of course, until I had the opportunity to attend the 2014 national convention & leadership conference in San Antonio, TX. Going into it, all I could think about was the idea of spending an entire week surrounded by hundreds of sisters from around the country that I did not know and I had NO idea what to expect. Needless to say, I was nervous.

By the end of the week, my life was changed. I left San Antonio overloaded with excitement. I had made new friends, heard really empowering speakers and experienced incredible moments of solidarity as I sat in a room each day with hundreds of women who all shared the same values, standards and love for Alpha Sigma Alpha that I did.

Every national event brings unique opportunities for Alpha Sigma Alpha members and volunteers to connect with the Sorority in new and exciting ways. In my time so far on the national headquarters staff, I’ve attended more than 50 Alpha Sigma Alpha national events and at each one, witness countless members experiencing these life-changing moments.

Below are some ways that attending the national convention & leadership conference will make an impact on your life.

Connect with sisters from around the country

My favorite thing about the national convention & leadership conference is the new relationships that form as sisters of all ages from around the country come together to share in this experience. Spend the week getting to know other Alpha Sigma Alpha women that may become professional mentors or cherished forever friends.

Contribute to Alpha Sigma Alpha’s future

Every member attending the national convention & leadership conference has the opportunity to witness history being made. During the week, members will participate in business meetings as the future of the Sorority is decided on. Also, make an impact our sisters’ education by participating in the Alpha Sigma Alpha Foundation’s fundraisers to contribute to future national events and scholarships.

Explore a new place

One of the best things about the national convention & leadership conference is that it takes Alpha Sigma Alpha to new locations around the country. This year in Phoenix, AZ, there are opportunities for members to see what the city has to offer. Whether it’s hiking, eating or soaking up the sun at the pool, you’ll be able to take some relaxing time to do something you love in this beautiful city!

Learn the value of the Sorority experience 

Membership in Alpha Sigma Alpha can change a woman’s life. At the national convention & leadership conference, sisters become empowered in their values, purpose and goals. The experiences of friendships formed, motivating educational sessions and the celebration of heritage are a pathway for understanding the true value of membership and will leave all who attend ready to go out and change the world.

Kim Richard, EK, director of events & programs


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