Who is your giving role model?

This December, the Alpha Sigma Alpha Foundation asked our members to answer, “Who is #MyGivingRoleModel?”

On Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, members have answered this question astoundingly, through reflection, honesty and inspiration, our members have been influenced by people throughout their lives to give back.

Below is a collection of answers by our members on our Facebook page. You too can share who inspires you to give of your time, talents and contributions here.

Nichole Porch

My parents who do anything for those in need and go out of their way to help others even if it hurts them #Mygivingrolemodel

April Gardner

Donna Haines has given so much of her time and effort, and I greatly appreciate all of her hard work and dedication to the Gamma Phi Chapter. Though we are all sad to see her go, we are so excited for her to be taking on her new role as Membership Commitment Leader for District 2! She is always working to better Alpha Sigma Alpha through her actions. She goes the extra mile and that’s why she’s #MyGivingRoleModel

Patricia Elizabeth Sterner

My mother has been my role model of someone who is selfless with their time and of giving of herself. She will also go out of her way to help those that need her help and would do anything in her powers to help even a stranger. I have seen her take children in that needed a place to stay and would not charge them anything because she knows that they can’t afford it. I hope that I can grow in to a woman just like her. #MyGivingRoleModel

Dylyn Jessica

#mygivingrolemodel are all of the sisters older than I, who have lead the path of poise and purpose that allow me to aspire to become the women they are today. Also, all the older members specifically that took the time to help me grow, and give me the positive feedback I need to be who I am today!

Michelle Watson

#MyGivingRoleModel is my mother. She was a stay at home mom with my brother and I, and on top of that she volunteered in numerous ways with organizations that she cared about. Watching that as a child helped me grow into a young adult and then a women who believes that volunteering should be part of everyone’s life – a way to use ourselves to improve things for others!

Sam Metz

#MyGivingRoleModel is my well then fifth grade teacher Jenny Ritter who was then Miss Young. She will forever be my inspiration to be a teacher once I get out of college. I hope I’m nearly as fantastic as she was when I was her student.

Samantha Starr

Suzanne Haynes is #MyGivingRoleModel for all her hard work and dedication to helping the Epsilon Phi Chapter recharter in 2013 at Indiana University. She never failed to put everyone else first, and her presence always lit up the room. Seeing her drive and spirit pushed me to do more than I thought I could, inside my chapter and out!

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