What type of social media personality are you?

At the risk of sounding old, I remember when social media didn’t exist. Since it emerged in the early 2000’s there has been significant adoption of social media by individuals, companies and Alpha Sigma Alpha. It seems like there are new social media platforms popping up all the time, such as Snapchat, Periscope and YikYak. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram use is widespread across many generations.

The way people use social media is about as varied as there are types of social media platforms. After reading the article below, it occurred to me that your personality might impact your approach to social media.

Think about how you show up to a group meeting for the first time. Some people naturally work the room while others chat with a couple of people that are their friends. Others are reserved until they understand the lay of the land. Then there’s always somebody that came to sell you something whether it be a product or an idea.

If you know what you want to accomplish with your social media presence, you can craft your content to that personality. There’s no right or wrong way! Over the course of time, I could probably classify myself in five of the personality types noted in the infographic. I hope that doesn’t mean I have a multiple-personality social media disorder! Since I do like approval, tell me what you think at @hust0058.

Andy Huston, Sigma Alpha Mu

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3 responses to “What type of social media personality are you?”

  1. Chiquita C. says:

    I am definitely the dipper. I rarely check my Facebook unless I am tagged in something or someone sends a message. alpha Sigma Alpha is the reason for most of my social media use.

  2. Hillary S. says:

    I think after reading these Facebook types that I am maybe an “Ultra,” but I am definitely not on Facebook for 2 or more hours a day because I have a job, graduate school, and other commitments. I suppose I picked that one because none of the others fit me at all. In fact, the Lurkers one scared me a little. My boyfriend’s mother says there is no such thing as Facebook stalking that it’s “educational research”. I will say that working with a younger generation I see how social media is almost an extension of their lives. Even at the hospital, the young ones are sending snapchats, tweeting, or posting on Instagram, but it is cool because I have learned more about all the social media outlets that way.

  3. Leslie L. says:

    I think as far as Facebook is concerned I am a cross between an ultra and an informer. I check Facebook daily to catch up on news and what my friends and family are up to. I post a lot of work related articles, not to get credit for finding the research but to share with other educators in hopes they will think about their practices in our schools. With Twitter I’m primarily an informer and only check my feed one or two times a week where Facebook is a daily must!

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