What my badge means to me

For International Badge Day, kicking-off National Ritual Celebration Week, we asked members of Alpha Sigma Alpha what their badge means to them. What does your badge mean to you?

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Christy Adams, ΔH, membership development coordinator

To me, my badge means past, present and future. When I wear my badge, I reflect on the women who came before me and helped shape my fraternal experience. I am reminded of the women whom I’ve developed a close relationship because of my membership. I think about our current members whose lives are enriched by our organization. And, I imagine the hundreds of thousands of women who will come after me who will have incredible opportunities available to them because of Alpha Sigma Alpha.

Heather Riley, ΦΦ, vice president of membership

For me, the meaning of my Alpha Sigma Alpha badge continues to grow and develop with each new experience. It means friendship, memories, values, and a connection to something bigger than me. It symbolizes a lifetime commitment to act with integrity, to serve with love and gratitude, and to honor all women who wear the badge of Alpha Sigma Alpha.

It is a privilege to wear my badge, and I am thankful for the opportunity to show the world what my Alpha Sigma Alpha badge means to me.

Brittany Ankeny, BΣ, leadership consultant

My badge symbolizes to me that I am never alone and have an unwavering support system that knows no bounds. Thanks to Alpha Sigma Alpha and the strong, confident, and inspiring women that I call sisters, I have grown into more of who I am. I love that Alpha Sigma Alpha encourages women to celebrate who they are, celebrate others, and to seek a life of enjoyment and balance. My Alpha Sigma Alpha badge reassures me that the lifetime commitment I made will continue to positively impact my life in ways that I have yet to even imagine.

Linda Lineback, XX, office assistant

Since I’ve been wearing my pin for quite a few years, I can truthfully say that it has meant many different things to me. When I first joined it meant excitement, joy, pride – I was a part of Alpha Sigma Alpha! I soon realized that it also meant that I was in an organization that offered guidance in my life. My badge symbolized that and more. It gave me support, a sense of belonging, encouragement, and gave me confidence.

As an alumna I also see the badge as representing a larger group of women – not only Alpha Sigma Alpha and the many different chapters that are represented in my own alumnae chapter, but the wider group of all sorority women and the good they do. It means memories – of college years, meeting all the different sisters as a “traveler” and at conventions (love conventions!) and looking forward to seeing them again at the next #Viva2014! It is a reminder of my favorite words of from our creed, “to love life and joyously live each day…

Laura Whitney, BΣ, volunteer & alumnae coordinator

My badge reminds me that I have become a stronger and more confident woman because of Sorority.

Lisa Stephenson, EE, membership growth coordinator

What my badge means to me is more than just “I am a member of Alpha Sigma Alpha”. It means I stand for the values and purpose of those that came before me. It means my membership exists to create an opportunity to be an Alpha Sigma Alpha member for those that come after me.

When I wear my badge, it means I represent something that is often difficult to explain to those looking in but allows me to represent what being a sorority woman looks like. A lot of responsibility comes with representing what my badge means to me but along with that responsibility, comes a level of pride for my badge means the world to me.

Shannon Priddy, AB, Foundation development coordinator

My badge means history. I wear the badge worn by my mom and my sister from three chapters, one Sorority.

Melissa Merriam, EE, vice president of membership

I feel a sense of pride when wearing my Alpha Sigma Alpha badge. It represents for me a life-changing experience that has helped me be the best version of myself. It reminds me to aspire, seek and attain. I love my badge and all the women I get to be associated with because of Alpha Sigma Alpha.

Katie Matis Smith, ΔH, communications & marketing coordinator

My badge means self-control, self-confidence and self-sacrifice.

Marcia Jacquette, ΔN-A, vice president of communications

What my badge means to me: The start of a conversation.

Every time I wear my badge, I meet at least one person who asks me, “Are you still involved?”

I meet many, many sorority women who haven’t taken out their badge in decades; who left their sorority experience on their college campus; who see the benefits of their membership as something they left behind. So, when they see my badge, and they ask their inevitable question, I return with one of my own:

“Of course. Aren’t you?”

And that’s when the conversation begins. I have an opportunity to learn more about that woman — to ask about her experiences, to share some of my own, and to maybe inspire her to call an old sister, get involved with an alumnae chapter or just spend some time with her own badge and remember how special it is.

Leah Dooley Eickhoff, AB, program development coordinator

What my badge means to me….

…opportunity. Alpha Sigma Alpha has created opportunities for me that I would never have dreamed possible. Now, in turn, I am able to give back to our members by creating opportunities for Alpha Sigma Alpha’s to “develop as women of poise and purpose.” When I look at our badge, I am reminded of these opportunities that I have had within my reach and the the opportunities that Alpha Sigma Alpha will continue to extend to our membership.

Krystal Slivinski, ΓΡ, executive director

My badge reminds me that the glory of life is to love, not to be loved; to give not to get; to serve, not to be served.

Kelly Morello, EK, vice president of finance

My badge represents our founders, our creed, our values and the amazing sisterhood that I am privileged to be a part of. It represents the greatness that embodies Alpha Sigma Alpha and the opportunities and gifts she provides to all of her members. Wearing my badge provokes a sense of pride in my Sorority and in fraternity/sorority life. The woman that I am today is in part attributable because I am a member of Alpha Sigma Alpha.

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