Volunteering: a page-turning experience

I participated in Alpha Sigma Alpha’s D.O.T. days by going to the Cleveland Book Bank with fellow members of the Cleveland State University Emerging Chapter. We spent the afternoon of Oct. 4 sorting, cleaning and packaging more than 600 books. We sorted the books by size and disinfected all of the children’s picture books with Clorox wipes before being placing them into boxes. The young-adult chapter books were sorted by size into piles of ten, then placed into boxes. I absolutely adore books and so being surrounded by books from my childhood and adolescence was incredible. Seeing the donations, listening to the story behind this organization and working with other volunteers was truly breathtaking. This experience was honestly one of the most rewarding experiences I’ve had in a while.

I believe that it is vitally important for collegians to get involved in the community. Volunteering with local organizations is definitely one way we can do that. Getting involved not only supports community engagement but also allows for networking opportunities, all through the rewarding experience of giving back to others. Time is priceless, so donating time is just as vital as financial gifts, if not more since time is invaluable. Without a strong volunteer support system, it would be difficult for these organizations to reach their full potential and to thrive. Time goes a long way in reaching the ultimate goals of these organizations, which is to better improve the lives of others in the community.

The concept of volunteering is important for all college students, but it is especially important for members of fraternities and sororities because it helps fight against negative stereotypes and stigmas associated with fraternity and sorority life. It shows we care and it shows that we are willing to donate our time and get involved in the community to support our philanthropic movements. Participating in D.O.T. days represents so much more than simply donating our time. It allows us to actively convey our values to our communities to the world.

By getting involved in our communities, we make a difference. We help improve the lives of those less fortunate and our contributions, which may feel small, adds up and creates a lasting impact on various local and international causes. I absolutely loved working with my sisters at the Cleveland Book Bank and I plan to go back on my own soon. I believe in this cause and in the power of D.O.T. Days. Together, we can truly make a difference not only in our chapter, but also in our city, our country, and ultimately, the world.

Sarah Smith, Cleveland State University Emerging Chapter

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