Alpha’s in Motherhood:
Group purpose: The Alpha’s in Motherhood group will discuss any and all things motherhood related, frugality, cooking, parenting, crafts, DIY, etc.
Group page:

K-12 Educators:
Group purpose: This group is Alpha Sigma Alphas across the country who are working in public,
private or charter school education in grades Preschool-12. This group will allow for networking, resource sharing, discussion of current topics in education, and advice/support.
Group page:

Infertility Support Group:
Group purpose: This group is for sisters experiencing infertility to offer support to members who are experiencing difficulty in becoming pregnant.
Group page:

Alpha Sigma Alpha Virtual Running Club: 
Group purpose: This group serves to inspire and encourage members in our running goals.
Group page:

Alpha Sigma Alpha Pelotoners:
Group purpose: For Alpha Sigma Alpha Peloton users to share their love of Peloton
Group page:

Peace Corps Volunteers 
Group purpose: This group will discuss what their peace corps service and Alpha Sigma Alpha means to them.
Group page: 

Road Runners of Alpha Sigma Alpha
Group purpose: This group serves to connect, support, and build relationships among alumnae members who have also served (or are serving) as a traveling consultant for Alpha Sigma Alpha.
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ASA’s Making a Difference in Government
Group purpose: The purpose of this group is to give sisters of Alpha Sigma Alpha a place to connect over a shared passion for leading, serving, and making a difference… in government!
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The Alpha Cooking Corner
Group purpose: The Alpha Cooking Corner is a place for Alpha Sigma Alpha alumnae to bond over their shared love of all things cooking! Feel free to exchange recipes, seek cooking advice or share a new dish you’re trying.
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ASA Yarn Lovers
Group purpose: Alpha Sigma Alpha sisters who love to knit, crochet and work with yarn and who want to share anything yarn-related to unite sisters with this similar passion!
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ASA Pride: LGBTQIA+ Members and Allies
Group purpose: To create a space for LGBT+ members and allies to feel safe, heard, welcomed and supported by fellow Alpha Sigma Alpha alumnae sisters.
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