A Valentine’s Day message to you, my sister

As I reflect on my last few months on national council, I am grateful for the opportunity to serve our Sorority and to be a part of furthering our mission. I will miss many things about this role – such as installing new chapters, representing AΣA at NPC and other meetings, attending chapter anniversary celebrations and more – but there is no question that what I will miss most is the opportunity to get to know and develop relationships with so many Alpha Sigma Alpha women.

Membership in Alpha Sigma Alpha allows us to be surrounded by wonderful women. We get to interact with women whom we would have never otherwise encountered. As a new member, we are welcomed into an awesome sisterhood, filled not only with women with similar backgrounds but also women who are very different from us. Our sisters challenge and encourage us, but also help us become the best version of ourselves. As we empower and support each other, we share our lives and become close friends.

We were brought together because of Alpha Sigma Alpha. This doesn’t have to end when you leave college; it can continue to happen as you stay connected with our Sorority. Whether you attend an alumnae happy hour, volunteer at a national event or gather with your chapter sisters, you connect with Alpha Sigma Alpha women who inspire you to be better.

When I am no longer national president, one group of women that I will miss regularly interacting with is the national council team. National council is comprised of elected volunteers with diverse backgrounds who come together to lead Alpha Sigma Alpha. Personally, these sisters have given me confidence and challenged me to be a better person and leader. The most important part of this team has been supporting each other. We care for each other through everything; cancer, new jobs, divorces, milestone birthdays, marriages, new babies and more. These women embody sisterhood.

I am sure you can think of women who because of your membership, you were able to get to know better. Maybe it was while serving on the executive board of your chapter, facilitating at Emma Coleman Frost Leadership Development Institute, sharing ideas at The Academy, volunteering at Special Olympics together or even connecting over having the same passion in life. Thanks to Alpha Sigma Alpha, you gained a lifelong friend.

As shared in our Valentine’s Day ceremony, “one who gains a friend, gains a very precious thing.” I am thankful for Alpha Sigma Alpha and the many friends who have been brought into my life.

This Valentine’s Day, celebrate your friendships in Alpha Sigma Alpha. Take time to support, love and be there for each other.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Melissa Koch Merriam
National President

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