Top 5 reasons to attend a Women’s Advancement Series Development Event

Women need stronger support networks.

Successful people accomplish their objectives through relationships. Relationships are built by identifying common goals and values. You already have one thing in common with these women: Alpha Sigma Alpha. Strengthen your network at a Women’s Advancement Series Development Event.

Let Alpha Sigma Alpha invest in you.

Whether you just graduated or you have been out of college for 30 years; whether you are a current volunteer or read the Phoenix of Alpha Sigma Alpha magazine as your only connection, you gave Alpha Sigma Alpha time and attention in your past. Let Alpha Sigma Alpha repay the investment by giving you this opportunity to continue your development as a woman of poise and purpose.

You have asked yourself “what’s next” but cannot find the answer.

Perhaps you have visited these crossroads personally and professionally a few times in your life or maybe you are asking yourself this for the first time. This development event will lead you to discover the answers that you already hold within.

You are a woman of poise and purpose.

As a woman, our role in life is always changing and we have to redefine our purpose frequently. This development event will help you reflect and answer “What is your purpose?” and “What are you doing to build upon your purpose?” in a supportive and collaborative environment. You may surprise yourself with what you reveal.

You need an excuse to get out and interact with sisters.

Whether it’s an afternoon away from the kids or significant other or just an afternoon break from binging Netflix, here’s your excuse to hit pause. Come spend the afternoon engaging and conversing with new and old friends!


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  1. Taryn G. says:

    This was a great afternoon spent with amazing women! I would definitely recommend to anyone who is thinking about attending at a city near you!

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