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Alpha Sigma Alpha's Interactive History

Alpha Sigma Alpha’s
Interactive History


Association of Pedagogical Sororities founded

The Association of Pedagogical Sororities was founded by Alpha Sigma Alpha and Sigma Sigma Sigma to develop common standards for the formation and expansion of educational sororities. Ida Shaw Martin represented Alpha Sigma Alpha as th...

First request to join NPC

Ida Shaw Martin petitioned the National Panhellenic Conference (NPC) on behalf of the educational sororities, and Alpha Sigma Alpha’s admission and was denied because of NPC’s policy that no woman may be a member of more than one n...

Alpha Sigma Alpha affiliates with another association

Alpha Sigma Alpha affiliated with the women’s Professional Panhellenic Association as another avenue for growth an expansion. The Sorority still maintained its educational sorority classification....

Admission into NPC as associate member

Alpha Sigma Alpha and Sigma Sigma Sigma, founders of the Association of Educational Sororities, initiated the vote to dissolve that organization and join the National Panhellenic Conference. In September 1947, Alpha Sigma Alpha petitio...

Alpha Sigma Alpha becomes member of National Panhellenic Conference

Alpha Sigma Alpha was officially welcomed as a full member of the National Panhellenic Conference. From this point, the Sorority had the right to establish chapters at any and all campuses meeting NPC qualifications....

Mrs. Sharp arrives in Richmond

National President Wilma Wilson Sharp, ZZ (center), is greeted by Ella Pilkinton Adams, A (left), president of the Richmond Alumnae Chapter and Jean Raup Grady, BE (right), national registrar, at Byrd Airport in Richmond, Virginia. Mrs...

NPC celebrates Golden Anniversary

National Panhellenic Conference celebrates its 50th Golden Anniversary. The celebration conference was held in Pasadena, CA. President Emerita Wilma Wilson Sharp, ZZ, was the official delegate who attended alongside National President ...
November 3-7

Sidney moves through NPC chairs

Sydney Gremillion Allen, ΨΨ, was installed as the treasurer National Panhellenic Conference. Four years later, she would become the first and only Alpha Sigma Alpha to serve as NPC chairman....
November 1-4

Sidney Allen becomes NPC secretary

Sidney Gremillion Allen, ΨΨ, was installed as the secretary of the National Panhellenic Conference. Two years later she would become the first and only Alpha Sigma Alpha to serve as NPC chairman....
November 2-5

Sidney Allen becomes NPC Chairman

Sidney Gremillion Allen, ΨΨ, became the first member of Alpha Sigma Alpha to serve as chairman of the National Panhellenic Conference, a position Alpha Sigma Alpha will not hold again until 2037. Sidney outlined the four goals for th...
October 23-26