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Alpha Sigma Alpha's Interactive History

Alpha Sigma Alpha’s
Interactive History

Tag: MichiganX

Springfield and Detroit installed

The Springfield Alumnae Chapter, MO, and the Detroit Alumnae Chapter were installed....

Port Huron convention

National convention was held in Port Huron, MI. Highlights: This convention was the first with a registration fee for all participants....
August 22-26

Alumnae chapters installed

Seven alumnae chapters were installed in 1951: Hartford Alumnae Chapter, CT, North Jersey Alumnae Chapter, Terre Haute Alumnae Chapter, IN, Erie Alumnae Chapter, PA, Kalamazoo Alumnae Chapter, MI, Cincinnati Alumnae Chapter and the Shr...

Alumnae chapters installed

Five alumnae chapters were installed in 1957: Bluefield Alumnae Chapter, WV, Mt. Pleasant Alumnae Chapter, MI, Bartlesville Alumnae Chapter, OK, San Diego Alumnae Chapter and the Evansville-Southwestern Indiana Alumnae Chapter....

Seven alumnae chapters installed

Seven alumnae chapters were installed in 1961: Elkhart-Goshen Alumnae Chapter, IN, Mississippi Gulf Coast Alumnae Chapter, Butler County Alumnae Chapter, OH, Mobile Alumnae Chapter, AL, Calument Region Alumnae Chapter, IN, Pontiac Alum...

Mackinac Island National Convention

National convention was held in Mackinac Island, MI....

Seven alumnae chapters were installed

Seven alumnae chapters were installed: Indiana Kentucky Alumnae Chapter, Louisville Alumnae Chapter, Tri City Alumnae Chapter, MI, Tampa Bay Alumnae Chapter, FL, Tri City Alumnae Chapter, FL, Central New York Alumnae Chapter, and South...

Two alumnae chapters installed

The Detroit Suburban Alumnae Chapter and Windy City Alumnae Chapter, IL, were installed....

Four alumnae chapters installed

The Newark Alumnae Chapter, NJ, Heart of Illinois Alumnae Chapter, Southern Colorado Alumnae Chapter and Mid-Michigan Crown Alumnae Chapter were installed....

Alumnae chapters installed

The Indy City Alumnae Chapter, Southern New Jersey Alumnae Chapter, Grand Rapids Alumnae Chapter, MI, and Middle Tennessee Alumnae Chapter were installed....