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Alpha Sigma Alpha's Interactive History

Alpha Sigma Alpha’s
Interactive History

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First national convention

With six chapters on its roll, Alpha Sigma Alpha called its first national convention at the Hotel Richmond in Richmond, VA, on Thanksgiving weekend 1905. Highlights: “After the business meetings the young ladies attended the foo...

First grand council

The following women were elected as members of grand council: Edna Elcan Jones, A, grand president; Jeanne Pelham, Γ, grand vice president; Effie Mealy, B, grand secretary; Lucy Hannah Daniel, A, grand historian; and Anna Thraves, Γ,...
December 2-3

Second National Convention

Alpha Sigma Alpha hosted its second national convention over Thanksgiving weekend in Charleston, SC....
December 1-2

Convention recapped in the magazine

“To those who have had a good fortune to see a Southern sunset from the western end of the Charleston Batter there is no need to bring again the picture. It cannot be forgotten or dimmed. Then just as we […]...

Asheville Convention

The third national convention was held in Asheville, NC. Highlights:Sue Smythe Flinn, Γ, was the convention secretary.Grand Council was formed and composed of, Grand President Lina Wakefield Mattison, Γ, Grand Vice President Mary C. ...
January 1-3

Changes in symbols

Alpha Sigma Alpha’s national flower changed from white carnation to American Beauty rose and national jewel changed from emerald to ruby....

Baltimore Convention

National convention was held in Baltimore. Highlights: At the convention it was established that there would be a biennial inspector’s visit for all chapters. The first standardized form of initiation was established....
June 9-11

Norfolk Convention

National convention was held in Norfolk, VA....

Susan Duane Galt elected national president

Susan Duane Galt, Γ, was elected national president. She would serve until 1914...

Reorganization convention at Miami University

National convention was held at Miami University, OH. The national convention was held over Thanksgiving weekend 1914, with delegates from the four chapters present. In two days they adopted a constitution, formulated a more elaborate ...
November 27-28