Why it’s time to forget the pecking order at work

In today’s career world, young professionals are often looking for tips or strategies on how to stand out, get noticed or to land a promotion. To get ahead, common pieces of advice encourage her to showcase how she is a superstar and how she can outperform peers to meet and exceed goals time and again. Great advice, right?! Maybe… but maybe not.

Move over competition and enter collaboration. In this TED Talk by Margaret Heffernan, five-time CEO, she encourages us to think differently and illustrates studies which challenge the common talent strategy for success employed by many businesses. Instead of looking at competition as a means to lead to motivation, let’s look at how important social relations are to increasing collaboration and productivity.

Perhaps you are a team leader… how do you encourage and enable team members to produce their best work? To add value for the collective benefit of the organization’s long-term success?

“Management by talent contest” is not yielding long-term success for companies. Developing a team comprised of members who have a high level of social sensitivity and connectedness is key — people who demonstrate empathy can strike the balance between sharing the floor with peers while also ensuring they are actively engaged and a strong contributor, and know that healthy conflict can produce the best ideas.

It is time for us to “redefine leadership as an activity in which conditions are created in which everyone can do their most courageous thinking together.”

Cindy Kelley, BΠ

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  1. Hillary S. says:

    I throughly enjoyed watching this video. As a graduate student for nursing, I am currently in a class called “Advanced Role Development” and this week we are discussing leaders and highly-reliable organizations. It has been great to share this with my social media and classmates.

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