Three Hundred and Seventy-nine Leaders

In the last three months, I have had the opportunity to work with nine chapters, one hundred and sixty-two officers and three hundred and seventy-nine sisters. Connecting with chapters on the east coast, in the south, in the midwest and the northeast, I have noticed that each interaction has something in common. Behind every Zoom meeting and every webcam is a young woman looking to find purpose and direction. As a leadership consultant, your job is to help these women– your sisters– have the best possible experience they can in this organization. There is nothing more exciting than watching a sister grow into the leader that Alpha Sigma Alpha is designed to create.

During my training as a leadership consultant, I thought a lot about what it means to be a leader. There is a certain pressure that we like to associate with leadership. We tend to make it a concept that is bigger than us and beyond us, but the collegiate women I have worked with this semester have shown me that leadership does not have to be scary. Leadership in Alpha Sigma Alpha is about elevating our influence in the world as young women, and what better way is there to elevate the influence of women in the world than to work right alongside them?

Think back to your first year in Alpha Sigma Alpha. What did you want from that experience? In what ways did you want to grow as a leader? These are questions that our members ask themselves throughout their college years in this sorority. The role of a leadership consultant is to help the answers to those questions become reality. Whether it’s providing support to a vice president during recruitment season, facilitating workshops on sisterhood and empowerment, helping a new officer set goals for the semester or making strategic plans with a chapter president that wants to change her chapter for the better, as a leadership consultant, you have the ability to show your sisters what kind of leader they can become in Alpha Sigma Alpha. You have the ability to show these women how to find their purpose and direction. Day-to-day operations become something you not only enjoy but look forward to. Each conversation you share with a member is an opportunity to initiate their further growth in their leadership position. Each workshop you facilitate is an opportunity to be the very catalyst for the leadership this chapter is looking for. And every meeting you host with a chapter officer is an opportunity to show a sister just how much they are capable of.

All three hundred and seventy-nine sisters that I have worked with are natural-born leaders. And while I was busy trying to find new ways to help those leaders grow, I was growing right along with them, becoming a better leader by their sides. Do not let your journey with Alpha Sigma Alpha end with graduation. Live it, talk it, dream it, work for it; apply to be a leadership consultant today and continue to grow as a leader.

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Elizabeth Martin, ZY

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