The ritual is something to celebrate

Aubrey Winn, ZZ

March 3, 2014 was International Badge Day, and the kickoff to National Ritual Celebration Week and my own campus’ Sisterhood Week.

So often I forget that even though Alpha Sigma Alpha has its own ritual, values, events, etc., there are 25 other NPC sororities that are our Panhellenic sisters too. We have more in common with other chapters than we think, and National Ritual Celebration Week is the perfect way to celebrate that.

Aubrey Winn.pngI hope every member celebrates International Badge Day. I was proud to put on my badge yesterday, as this was just one more day to show it off and talk to people in my classes, at my job, and on campus about why I am a proud member of Alpha Sigma Alpha. This is just what National President Nora Ten Broeck had in mind when she inspired the day through the spring 1996 Phoenix article!

The rest of this week, National Ritual Celebration Week, combines fun activities, programs, and opportunities to share our love for members of other Panhellenic sororities.

Here are a few fun ways to celebrate sisterhood, not only in your own chapter but also in your Panhellenic community:

  • Start a “Secret Sister” activity between all the chapters on your campus. See if your Panhellenic Council will randomly assign each chapter member with the name of a woman in a different chapter. Throughout the week, drop off encouraging notes, small pieces of candy, and other goodies at your secret sister’s chapter house or in her mailbox.
  • Organize an open house for members of other chapters to come learn more about your chapter!
  • Pick a chapter every semester/term/quarter and surprise them several times with a sisterhood basket. Your chapter could make a finals week survival basket with pens, paper, caffeine, snacks, and encouraging notes. Maybe drop off a Valentine’s Day basket filled with chocolate and goodies!
  • Organize a progressive dinner with several other chapters on campus. One chapter could host the appetizers, another serves dinner, and then the next one provides desert. Move from house to house (or rent rooms in your university student union if you don’t have a house) for the different courses!

What are some ways that you or your chapter shows Panhellenic sisterhood?

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