The importance of voting

This blog post serves to encourage readers to vote; not support, endorse, or disparage any candidate or party. This post is for informational purposes only. Some sources may have triggering content. Please understand the aforementioned as you read the following.

Through this blog, you’ll learn about the ways in which your values might align with certain political parties, the bias in news sources and a historical perspective of women’s voting rights.

So does it matter if I vote?
Check out this video to learn more about your vote an why it matters.

How do I know who to vote for?
That’s the beauty of America, you can vote for whomever you like! Actually, you don’t even have to like the person you’re voting for, but that’s entirely up to you. As a high school teacher, students often take on the political affiliation of their parents because that’s what they’ve been exposed to. I’ve frequently encouraged students to use the website to explore more about their own political beliefs. iSideWith has been featured in Forbes, The New York Times, PBS, NPR and many others. The 2020 Political Quiz is quite extensive, but people frequently feel the results are reliable and can lead them to better understand how and why they should vote.

Is it fake news?
We are so inundated with news and digital communications all day, everyday that its hard to know what’s true and what is just noise. In the world of “fake news,” even sources we’ve trusted for years have been called into question. Below you’ll find a chart I’ve used for years, and it keeps getting updated as new media is developed and existing media becomes polarized. *disclaimer – don’t take this as gospel. As my students have always reminded me, this too was made by someone with their own biases.

Ad Fontes Media – The Media Bias Chart

Check out Ad Fontes Media Interactive Media Bias Chart here.

A Historical Perspective of Women’s Voting Rights
The 19th amendment granted American women the right to vote. Read more from  journalist Alice Stone Blackwell on why women should vote.

Challenge: I challenge you to take what you’ve learned and find something you’re passionate about, and take it to the ballot box. Everyone’s vote matters and you can make a difference!

Katy Schwartz Drowns, ZM

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