The importance of balancing communications

We have electronics around us all the time: computers, tablets, cell phones; whether it’s at work or at home.  Many of us feel naked if we leave our cell phone at home and sometimes there is even separation anxiety from our devices.  

There are so many distractions: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, emails and texts – to name a few. Liking a Facebook or Instagram post is not connecting to someone on a one-on-one basis. We get caught up in looking at a screen instead of really connecting. What if we paused from looking at baby animal videos and let that email about a cute pair of shoes on sale just wait?  What if we chose to connect with one another instead?

Our communication is often just a few words in a text, which is very important to let people know you are thinking of them. Email is also effective for this reason,  but what about good old-fashioned snail mail? The USPS (United States Postal Service) is still in existence and when someone takes the time to write me a note it makes my day.  I love receiving cards and I just feel so special that someone took the time to think of me and write. Yes, this takes time and thought, but it’s also a very tried and true way of communicating. To help save time preparing, I like to look for cards on sale.

Personally, my favorite way of connecting is by phone calls.

There are days when work is not easy and you just need to vent. Call that one person who you know you can say anything to. Tell them about your day. Listen to their advice.  You could learn that your feelings are valid, as well as finding out they would feel the same way as you in a similar situation. This is not a selfish act.  It is connecting with a person on a deeper level.

When you have not heard from a friend in a while, call them! Let them tell you their story and listen with an open heart. You just might learn that you are surrounded by incredibly strong people. When the conversation is over, you say a prayer of thanks to the universe for putting a special person in your life.

And there are those people who are just so full of joy. When you think of them you think of joy and laughter. I have someone just like that. They might not have the easiest life, but they share their love, faith and laughter with me and when I connect with them, I just cannot stop smiling.

Here are some tips I use to help me balance electronic communication with one-on-one connections:

  • I use the hands-free calling feature of my car so that my commute then has purpose.
  • Calendars often get busy; look at your schedule and plan on when you can call.
  • Ask the person you plan to talk with for a time that would work to connect. 
  • And on a personal level, women are often hard on themselves and go to dark places. That is when it is so very important to reach out and connect.

Our communication does not have to always be public. Yes – it takes time to connect one-on-one, but when we do, we are given gifts that that are beyond our imaginations.

Share your story ….

Angela Datzler Bauldree, BZ

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  1. Elaine F. says:

    You are so correct. These are great ideas. It isn’t just the Millenials and Gen Zs facedown on a phone, there are many adults as well. I have some kind of “call reluctance” that keeps me from making many phone calls. I wish I knew why. Maybe by the time you read this, I’ll have called. I do think of you so often and with love. You have always been one of the most special sisters in my life. love you.

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