The Impact of Volunteering: Serving as a Facilitator for Alpha Sigma Alpha

One of the ways I was able to stay engaged with Alpha Sigma Alpha after my collegiate experience was by volunteering for facilitator roles with the Sorority. In the past, I have had the opportunity to serve as a facilitator for the Sexual Assault Prevention Program and as a facilitator during The Academy.

While serving at The Academy, I was able to dive into some difficult topics with my co-facilitator and collegiate women in the small group. Some of these conversations are the ones, as a facilitator you feel a little pressure to “get right.” Through my experiences, I have learned to never underestimate the value of the organic and personal interactions that come about separate from the curriculum.

I will always remember walking into one of the rooms early to prepare for my session and finding a woman sitting at a conference table alone. She was writing intently in a notebook. I noticed throughout the weekend that she spent more time alone than with other women. I was a little concerned, so I sat down and asked her about her experience at The Academy.

She shared with me her struggles not just as an emerging leader, but as a collegiate woman navigating the complexities of becoming who she wants to be. Through our conversation I felt the power of doubt, but it was overcome by the overwhelming strength of sisterhood, conviction and compassion. These are the unscripted moments, the connection, that add to the unspoken value of serving as a facilitator for Alpha Sigma Alpha.

It is truly an amazing experience to be able to connect with collegiate women, alumnae and friends of the Sorority. Volunteering for facilitator roles has given me the opportunity to expand my personal and professional network. I have met so many amazing people who are passionate about fostering growth and development in others, working to empower women and cultivating community. Truly amazing people are part of these experiences, and that is one of the many reasons I am quick to submit my application to serve in this capacity.

In addition to expanding my network, serving as a facilitator has also given me the opportunity to grow my professional skills. I have learned so much, including continuing to enhance my facilitation skills, ways to cultivate positive group dynamics, how to navigate challenging conversations and general public speaking skills. I have also been able to expand my understanding of learning design, program implementation and how to work collaboratively with individuals I have never met before to facilitate a meaningful experience for others.

If you are considering applying to be a small group facilitator for the Virtual Leadership Summit, I encourage you to take advantage of the opportunity. So many times we question if we are good enough to serve in a role, or if we even “should.” I want to let you know that you bring something intangible and of great value to this experience. Serving as a small group facilitator is a grounding, inspiring and transformative experience. If you could use a little grounding, some inspiration or a shift in your mental space – this opportunity is for you.

Access the 2021 Virtual Leadership Summit small group facilitator application here.

Sarah DeWitt, Theta Beta

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