The Academy Experience

Alpha Sigma Alpha inspires women to lead, to serve and most of all to make a difference.

During my time as a collegiate member of Alpha Sigma Alpha, I was blessed with many opportunities to grow personally and professionally. Some of my favorite memories as an undergraduate student were made at Alpha Sigma Alpha’s Academy event each year. From my freshman year as a general member, to my senior year as chapter president, there was always something new to learn or new people to meet.

As a new member attending what was known as District Day at the time, I was excited to spend the day getting to know my new sisters and learn more about the organization I had just joined. There are two memories from my first professional development opportunity within the organization that have continued to support my development as a woman of poise and purpose. First, I remember meeting up with friends from high school that had also recently joined Alpha Sigma Alpha and were at the event. It was in those moments that I began to understand what Alpha Love truly meant and what life would look like with connections across the United States. In addition to making connections with sisters, I remember attending a workshop about communicating with others. At the time it seemed like useful information, but looking back, those resources were the base of my success as a leader of the Beta Theta Chapter. Whether it was communicating with a committee, other position holders, advisors, regional volunteers, or members of the National Headquarters Staff, the skills I learned at District Day that year supported the strong communication skills I use in my everyday live.

Moving forward, as a position holder during my sophomore and junior year (parliamentarian and secretary), I took all of the information provided at The Academy to bring back to my chapter and to grow as a sister. At that point, I knew that being a leader in Alpha Sigma Alpha was an opportunity that changed my life for the better. Whether it was an educational block about the standards resolution process, self-love and confidence, or how to manage finances, because let’s be real, we all need that, I walked away from the day as a stronger leader who was encouraged to serve the organization more than I could have ever imagined.

Finally, my last Academy was a bittersweet experience. With elections right around the corner and my time as chapter president coming to an end, I did not want to believe that it was one of my “lasts” as a collegiate member of Alpha Sigma Alpha. I remember going to the workshops about becoming an alumna member and discovering the true purpose of my life and future career. Those were the workshops that I never thought I would sit in because I was too busy learning about being an active force within the Beta Theta chapter. Although my time in the organization was coming to an end, the blessings from my experiences at the previous Academy events continued to support me during my final Academy as an undergraduate. The day was full of reconnecting with the friends I had met at previous leadership conferences, watching the future leaders of Beta Theta plan new ideas for the chapter, and served as a time of reflection of the amount of growth I had experienced within those four years.

As a result of attending The Academy not once, not twice, not even three times, but FOUR times, I can confidently say that each time was just as worthwhile as the previous. This leadership opportunity was the beginning of my lifelong journey as a woman of poise and purpose and as a leader in my future career.

Lexi Colainne

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