Surviving your first post-grad year

The time between graduating college and beginning your “adult” job is, let’s face it, awkward. As a young adult we are told to go to college, do what we are passionate about, get good grades, but what about after that?

Coming out of college can be relieving and exciting, but for some, it can be scary and uncomfortable. Being a young adult exiting one chapter of your life and trying to begin a new chapter can be difficult and this video shares a variety of tips and tricks to make the most of it. Persistence, taking advantage of opportunities and building up your network are all essential aspects of finding your first “career” out of college. This video from The Financial Diet goes over one woman’s journey in juggling what she’s been doing and trying to pave her own way to a “career” that works for her. Listen in and enjoy!

Julia Sammur-Osborn,  ΗΗ

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