Service immersion participants share what they are looking forward to

This week, 13 collegians have traveled to Oahu, HI for the 2016 Service Immersion Experience. During the eight day trip, members will grow as women of poise and purpose through service, immersion and leadership development in an environment that challenges participants. Here are what some of our participants are looking forward to:

“I’m looking forward to the service immersion experience because it’s getting me away from what I’m comfortable with. I’m going to a new place, with a bunch of new people, to do a totally different style of service than I’ve ever done before.  The unknown of the trip has kept me nervous but very excited.”

Michelle Fetter, Zeta Kappa, Minnesota State University, Mankato

“I cannot wait to provide service to the island of Oahu. I seek to provide for others in many ways and with the help of this trip I get to experience different service opportunities than what I am used to. Being a part of a team dedicated to service and leadership, I believe our group will do great things the week we are away.”

Carlie Shearer, Delta Kappa, University of Southern Indiana

“The memories we will make on this trip and friendships we will create will always be something that will connect us forever. Everyone on this trip comes from somewhere different, has been through different experiences and has a different story. Being able to have the chance to learn about the differences we share and in turn hear about the similarities we have will be such an awesome experience.”

Michelle Krupa, Delta Nu-B Chapter, Kettering University

“I’m looking forward to the supportive environment in which our trip will take place. I think that, out of everything, the supportive environment is what will allow us all to grow into better women and better leaders.”

Taylor Lynch, Gamma Clio, SUNY Cortland

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