Service immersion participants share what they are looking forward to

This weekend, 13 collegians will travel to Oahu, HI for the 2017 Service Immersion Experience. During the eight day trip, members will grow as women of poise and purpose through service, immersion and leadership development in an environment that challenges participants. Here are what  our participants are looking forward to:

“I think the most challenging aspect of this experience will be the change in environment. I will be placed in an environment that will be beautiful, but brutal at times. I will have to work in very hot conditions, rain or shine. I will have to get dirty and be willing to accept the many bugs that will be present. I will have to learn how to manage myself living at a camp for a week. I will have to adapt to the time change. But most of all, I will have to adapt to this lifestyle while providing the service I will be there for. All these reasons including more will be a test for my strengths and weaknesses. I will be able to exhibit my personal qualities as I learn to accept the change and fulfill my duty of service while in Hawaii. I believe this opportunity will be one of struggle, but it will allow me to develop and find myself as I take on this special challenge.”
Kirsten Chabalie, Epsilon Theta

“I have been thinking about this opportunity a lot, and I realized that although I think I am someone who gives of my time, I usually do more with charitable giving as opposed to service. I have found fulfillment in planning the St. Baldrick’s event on our campus and helping with Relay for Life, but this service immersion trip is entirely different. As a result, I think this will really push me out of my comfort zone, and when this happens, I hope to learn more about myself.”
Anna Chorazyczewski, Zeta Phi

“Among the many things I am looking forward to on this trip, two in particular are: experiencing something that is bigger than myself, and getting the opportunity to experience this with my sisters. The fact that I will get to experience serving in a completely different setting from which I am used to, with women who share the same values and goals as I do, excites me. Over the last few months, I have grown relationships with these women and I cannot wait for us to grow closer throughout this week and take our experiences.”
Claudia Cranmer, Delta Gamma

“I am very excited to get to visit and experience a place I have never been to before. Hawaii is known for its beautiful environment and rich culture and I think during this trip I will get to experience these two things in their truest forms. I am excited to learn more about the fragile yet amazing ecosystem of the island and to hopefully help improve it. I want to learn about the native people of the island and leave with a newfound respect for their history. I am looking forward to seeing exotic plants and animals that I have never seen before.”
Anna Darling, Epsilon Phi

“I am most looking forward to engaging in the four aims of Alpha Sigma Alpha while immersing myself in the Hawaiian culture. I am striving to find something new each day about the people, their heritage, and how their culture is so different from ours. I anticipate returning home with a whole new outlook on how to engage in Alpha Sigma Alpha’s four aims and a love for the Hawaiian culture. I am destined to find the spiritual aim through this trip as I am always finding a spiritual aspect of my life each day through the Ritual of Alpha Sigma Alpha and my faith.”
Alexandra Deaton, Theta Mu

“I think overcoming fear will be the most challenging obstacle. I am looking forward to being challenged by our events we will be doing each day. I know that each of these challenges will teach me important lessons about others, our environment, or myself. Every obstacle I come in contact with always leads me to learn something new and is a way for myself to continue to grow. Alpha Sigma Alpha has been the biggest positive influence in my life the past three years and always reminds me to strive to be my best self. I am looking forward to seeing how this adventure will help me continue to grow into a woman of poise and purpose.”
Makayla Gosser, Gamma Psi

“My goal is to be comfortable enough to be my true, authentic self and make some great friends out of this experience. I know that whether we all end up being super close or not, the service we are doing is going to be EXCELLENT and done properly. I have always loved how easy it is to bond with people over doing service. I am so excited to get to spend time in nature with members who share the same values as I do.”
Bella Gracy, Theta Omega

“When I think about service immersion, I think about not only the service aspect, but also the full cultural experience that each of us will be a part of. I am most looking forward to learning about a new culture and lifestyle. One of my favorite parts of traveling is to learn new things. As we work to assist the community during our time in Hawaii, I hope that I get to grow my knowledge and understanding of those around us.”
Katy Hammel, Theta Zeta

“It will be so eye opening to meet these 14 other women who are involved with an organization that I hold dear to my heart. These women that I am will be volunteering alongside have their own reasons for loving Alpha Sigma Alpha. Talking with these women and hearing their experiences in Alpha Sigma Alpha and hearing why they are passionate and what made them get involved is what I am excited for. Hearing about other people’s passions can open your own mind and allow for so much personal growth.”
Sammy Hyden, Beta Theta

“The idea of traveling with 13 sisters with one organization in common is thrilling. But I think that what I am most excited for is to have my boundaries pushed. Don’t get me wrong, the idea of stepping out of my comfort zone is terrifying, but I get this rush of adrenaline at the same time. I cannot wait to be knee deep in a river or covered in mud. I cannot wait to work until I sweat and feel like I have nothing left to give, yet somehow I will still find more energy and more enthusiasm. I am excited for camp style food and bugs in showers. I am excited for the opportunity to listen, lead and follow my sisters across the ocean. I can’t wait to grow after a week with 13 beautiful strangers.”
Tanner Meyer, Alpha Beta

“There is something special in the act of giving and sharing. I’m fully aware of how blessed I am in life and I believe in fully giving because I have the urge to help others. I’m in a position to help another human being, to help the planet, to make a difference. I’m passionate about service because I believe that giving my time and talents is important to other people who need my help. Working towards building a better community and contributing towards society is part of seeing the bigger picture. I believe that selflessness is one of the noblest acts of humanity and that by becoming selfless, we gain incredible blessings in life.”
Alison Pham, Iota Gamma

“I am most looking forward to meeting and working alongside sisters from across the country! I have never felt as excited to be an Alpha Sigma Alpha as when I meet a sister somewhere outside of my chapter and we instantly have a connection because we share these letters.”
Phaze Roeder, Zeta Alpha
“As I look forward to the service immersion trip to Hawaii, the thing that most excited me is pushing myself out of my comfort zone. Nothing about this trip sounds like anything that I have participated in or experienced before. I am excited to see how flying ten hours away to spend a week with fourteen other passionate, selfless women is going to push and challenge me. I am excited to see how I can form relationships with these women that have such high standards and accomplishments. Over the years I have learned that the only way I better myself is by surrounding myself with individuals who I can look up to and be pushed and inspired by. These other women are exactly those type of people and I can’t wait to see how they change me in just one week.”
Megan Sughroue, Phi Phi

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