Reflections of a Virtual Leadership Consultant

It’s been a tough year, yet out of this chaos, I managed to find positivity and support in sisterhood. From Zoom calls with collegians to binging Netflix series with roommates (who are also leadership consultants) this experience put a positive spin on the year 2020.

I remember applying for this job, not really thinking I could possibly work as a leadership consultant for Alpha Sigma Alpha. I had only been a part of sorority life for a total of two years and I only had experience as the secretary on the executive board. There had to be someone out there more qualified, more enthusiastic and better equipped to offer leadership support to our chapters.

I think it’s also important to note here that I am an enneagram one. That means I’m a perfectionist. Unfortunately, as a perfectionist, I am very aware of my own flaws and my inner critic is loud. Yet here I am. Despite my own self-doubts, someone believed I could be a leadership consultant.

That’s what I love most about being a member of Alpha Sigma Alpha. The outpouring of support and empowerment. Every time I need extra support , another sister will encourage me and show me the impact I am making

Normally leadership consultants travel across the U.S. to support chapters in-person. However, due to this ongoing pandemic, this year’s consultants supported chapters virtually. It was tough at first. I had no idea how I would connect with women, but as the days went on, those worries disappeared and I started to look forward to my meetings and workshops. I started to realize that I could be a real mentor here. I could empower and support these women the way so many other sisters had done for me.

Aside from the fulfillment that I received from being able to empower women, I also started to see changes in myself in the realm of both professional and personal development. Growing up, I’ve always been a little bit shy. I wouldn’t have been the person to speak up in class. After this semester, I’ve learned to be more outspoken with my thoughts and opinions. I’ve also learned to give myself more credit, which as a one enneagram, is a huge accomplishment. Professionally, I’ve gotten more comfortable with public speaking and critically thinking. You would be surprised at how often you utilize critical thinking in this position on a day-to-day basis. Additionally, my communication skills, both written and verbal, have improved as effective communication is a crucial component of being a leadership consultant. Most importantly, this experience has taught me to embrace the challenges I face because I am equipped to overcome them.

Along with the personal and professional development, I’ve gotten the chance to make new friends and create connections with so many wonderful sisters. When my time as a leadership consultant comes to an end, I know I’ll have many life-long friendships and memories to take with me.

The experience you have as a leadership consultant, whether traveling or virtual, is unlike any experience you can get anywhere else. I’ll forever be grateful for this opportunity and the amazing sisters I have had the chance to meet. I strongly encourage you to give back to both our sisterhood and yourself by applying to be a leadership consultant.

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Mikelah Suzuki, Zeta Pi
Leadership Consultant

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