WiSe Up LogoAlpha Sigma Alpha is proud to partner with the Department of Labor Women’s Bureau’s Wi$eUp campaign program. The program, in support of the Department of the Labor’s Strengthening the Family Initiative, is designed to educate young women on the importance of financial health and stability.   

Alpha Sigma Alpha teaches the importance of financial stability. With the Wi$eUp program, Alpha Sigma Alpha women are provided with the tools and skills needed to create a secure financial future. The tools in Wi$eUp allow women to set goals to achieve their financial dreams as well as increase their ability to make financial decisions that support their lifetime goals.

Alpha Sigma Alpha utilizes the program to encourage those members on the brink of graduation to create stable financial plans for their future. The program curriculum is customized to fit the specific lifestyle and needs of every member. Wi$eUp is offered to members of Alpha Sigma Alpha online, as well as in classroom settings.


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Members who participate in the Wi$eUp program receive financial education in areas including:
  • Dealing with student loans and debt
  • Preparing financial statements
  • Credit basics and planning
  • How to establish emergency funds
  • Insurance and risk management
  • Becoming an investor (and avoiding investment fraud)
  • Financial security-estate, teaching your children, higher education, etc.

Members can continue their financial education through online resources such as e-newsletters, handbooks and hot topic teleconferences. Chapters utilize Wi$eUp to offer programming assistance to their campus communities through speakers, workshops and general financial practices.