Alpha Sigma Alpha membership education is focused on development in the four primary stages of membership: new member, initiate member, senior member and alumna member.

The membership education program features:

  • In-person education prior to initiation
  • Chapter programming associated with the Sorority’s core values
  • On-line learning components for all collegiate members using MyAΣA
  • Big sister certification program to be completed prior to serving in a mentorship role for new members
  • Senior member curriculum designed to aid in transition to alumnae membership
  • Self-guided alumnae learning opportunities

Components of this program are designed for:

  • New members – orientation into Alpha Sigma Alpha
  • Initiated members – self-exploration focused on congruence between personal and organizational values
  • Senior members – transitioning from college; understanding individual purpose as a citizen of the greater community
  • Alumnae members – continued growth and reflection on organizational aims and values through life stages

The following resources should be used in the education of each stage of membership: