Noticing when something needs your attention

In her TEDx Talk, Associate Dean for Violence Prevention and Resolution Jennifer McCary talks about teaching bystanders to intervene in order to prevent violence. With authenticity, she walks through bystander effects and the reasons individuals do not take action when they see a potentially harmful situation. She encourages us to think about others first and notice when someone needs our attention or is in harm’s way. Civility, she argues is an essential decision one must proactively take in order to make our communities safer.

Alpha Sigma Alpha’s core value of responsibility resonated with me while watching this TEDx Talk. It is our responsibility as members to notice when someone needs our attention and assistance. We can engage in National Hazing Prevention Week and continue living out our Creed by promising to care about each other and assuming responsibility even in ambiguous situations. Jennifer reminded me that investing time and energy to prevent an individual from being hazed is always worth it.

After watching the TEDx Talk share how you can proactively take a stand against hazing in the comments below.


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