Seeking Volunteers for the Culture and Structure Study Team

Alpha Sigma Alpha is looking for alumnae members interested in serving on the Volunteer Culture and Structure Study Team. This study team will investigate the current volunteer structure and culture (specifically the region volunteer structure and coaching teams) for its effectiveness in providing a mutually beneficial experience that meets the needs of the organization while creating a satisfying experience for volunteers. 
  • Conduct focus groups, review volunteer satisfaction surveys and volunteer evaluations, conduct a SWOT analysis of the current volunteer experience, investigate other volunteer structures inside and outside of fraternity and sorority organizations and other research as determined by the study team.
  • Identify what changes, if any, need to be made to improve the volunteer structure and/or culture and provide recommended language to define our volunteer culture.
  • Outline modifications to the volunteer structure. Make recommendations to fortify the current structure or develop a new volunteer structure.
  • If applicable, plan for training and transition to new positions or structure: Collaborate with headquarters staff to create a transition plan (or implementation plan) for rolling out/introducing changes and educating members.
  • Assist with educating members as requested by headquarters staff.
The time commitment for this task force is approximately 2 ½ years, beginning in January 2022 and ending around July 2024. This position will be 4-5 hours per month. The study team will have monthly calls, with some email and work between calls.

The team will make recommendations for changes to the volunteer structure to be implemented by the 2024-2026 biennium.
Questions about the task force? Contact Melissa Merriam, volunteer coordinator.


interest form

The deadline to submit an interest form is Friday, Nov. 19, 2021.

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