Changes to the Region Structure and Volunteer Positions

Starting with the 2020-22 biennium, the following changes have been made to the region structure and region volunteer team: Update #1: Arizona has been moved to region 1 and South Carolina has been moved to region 6. When the region structure was created in 2016, it was determined that the ideal region size included 6-7 collegiate chapters. Since 2016, the number of chapters per region has changed and therefore needed adjusting. These changes will balance chapter numbers and region team workload. Update #2: The alumnae engagement liaison role is not continuing. In its place, two new national teams have been created to work with the alumnae experience.
  1. Lifetime Membership Resource Group: assists collegiate chapters with connecting collegians to the alumnae membership experience.
  2. Alumnae Coaching Team: directly assist alumnae chapters and associations.
This change was made in response to the feedback received from current alumnae engagement liaisons, the alumnae engagement study team and the spring 2019 alumnae-wide survey. Member feedback included the need to educate collegians about alumnae membership, the need for increased communications between collegiate and alumnae members and the need for increased support to alumnae chapters. These changes address the member feedback and provide an increased focus on the alumnae – collegiate connection. For questions regarding these updates, email the Director of Alumnae Engagement Vanessa David at  

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