Announcing the 2020-22 national council slate

The nominating committee is pleased to present the 2020-22 national council slate.

National President – Kelly McGinnis Beck, EK
National Vice President – Katharine Wilson Burke, NN

National Vice President – Kathryn Wolfington Harth, EE

National Vice President – Amber Shaverdi Huston, HH

National Vice President – Emily Just, BN

National Vice President 
– Kathy Dawson Messbarger, ΦΦ
National Vice President 
 Jessica Bridwell WrightZΠ

Additional nominations may be made using the online nomination form provided such nominees are not already on the slate and are alumnae in good standing. Nominations will close at midnight eastern time on March 11, 2020. Additional nominees will be contacted by the nominating committee chairman with directions for the next steps in the process. A final slate will be presented to the membership by April 1, 2020.

About the nominating committee 
The nominating committee is appointed by the national president with approval from the national council and is directed to identify, interview and nominate candidates for Alpha Sigma Alpha’s national council. Members of the committee are:
Christine Strapac Thomas, AΓ, chairman
Marcia Pucci Jacquette, ΔN-A
Caelee Gibbs Lehman, EE
Mercedes Moreno, ZΣ
Jaime Metz Vandergrift, BΠ
Megan Keleman, IZ

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