Alpha Sigma Alpha Foundation Board of Trustees Announcement

Alpha Sigma Alpha Foundation announces the election of the following volunteers to the Board of Trustees effective June 1, 2020:
Nikki Kawalec, ΖΥ
Silvana Filippello Richardson, ΓΛ
Anna Slaughter Wamack, ΒΘ
Alpha Sigma Alpha extends its heartfelt thanks to the following trustees who have contributed to the Foundation by giving their time, talent and financial resources and who are ending their Foundation board service:

Traci Quinones Collins, ΖΣ, six years of board service
Barb Williamson, ΕΕ, 10 years of board service
The following volunteers are continuing their service on the Board of Trustees and will serve in the offices as noted:

Tanya Trumbla Brewer, chairman, ΔΥ
Sue Zbikowski Barone, vice chairman, ΓΞ
Lynne Rachal Chambers, treasurer, Α
Sheri Cesak, ΔΗ
Meredith Anderson Cheryba, ΕΚ
Carol Vandevoort Goodman, ΔΝ-B
Linda Wyrick Lineback, ΧΧ
Kat Burns Swatt, ΘΒ
Kelly McGinnis Beck, ΕΚ, ex-officio
Jess Bridwell Wright, ΖΠ, ex-officio

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