Messages of Gratitude

Gratitude: the state of being grateful; thankfulness.

Nov. 15 is a reminder of the love and respect our membership shares for our Founders and Sorority. During the month of Nov., we invite members to reflect on their gratitude for what the Sorority and Foundation together have made possible.

Throughout the month, members and friends of Alpha Sigma Alpha will be sharing their perspectives on what makes them grateful for this partnership. Stories may be from those who have experienced the benefits of the partnership directly or those who have seen the impact on others. I hope these messages will inspire you to share your message of gratitude.

“As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words but to live by them.”
– John F. Kennedy

As my 50th membership anniversary approaches this month, I have been reflecting on how these years have impacted me. How has the opportunity to be a Sorority and Foundation volunteer impacted the lives of our sisters?

I am grateful that our sisters have opportunities to enhance their lives to become better women and experienced leaders. Over the past fifteen years, the Sorority and Foundation partnership has blossomed to provide professional pertinent programming, grants and scholarships for today’s women. When I interact with collegians and alumnae, I am fortunate to hear and see how their lives have been touched and enriched by this special partnership.

I am grateful to be an Alpha Sigma Alpha at this time in history. It is an honor to be a part of the Foundation and Sorority leadership who have the vision to see the future of this valuable partnership and for our donors’ unconditional belief in the power of the sorority experience, generosity and investment in our women. This is an expression of our lifelong love, passion and respect for the past, present and future women of Alpha Sigma Alpha.

Christine Strapac Thomas, ΑΓ
Foundation Chairman

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