Messages of Gratitude

I’m grateful for Alpha Sigma Alpha and the Alpha Sigma Alpha Foundation because together, they provide the ability and the opportunity to be a better member. Let’s look at those terms.

Years ago, my mother and I discussed our shared love of walking. She walked everywhere in Boulder: to her job at a locally run pharmacy; to church; to the Friday coffee group that met weekly for almost 50 years. She explained that she thanked God every day for being able to do that. Now 90 and struggling with a serious lung disease and dementia, she has neither the ability nor the opportunity to walk much beyond her driveway to get the mail.

Ability and opportunity go hand in hand. One isn’t worth much without the other. Because of Alpha Sigma Alpha and the Alpha Sigma Alpha Foundation, I have both. Foundation programs help me be a more informed leader, a more thoughtful mentor, a more active alumna and a more generous donor. In short: I’m a better person because of the Sorority and Foundation partnership.

Since I pledged Alpha Sigma Alpha in fall 1977, my passion has always been Panhellenic. Early on I saw the power in the collective sorority experience and focused my energies on supporting that at the University of Northern Colorado. Later I learned how the Sorority/Foundation partnership strengthens the National Panhellenic Conference as a whole: Alpha Sigma Alpha leadership programs and academic excellence emphasis produce women of poise and purpose who represent the Sorority in the Panhellenic community. Your NPC delegation members participate in values-based collaboration that generates positive programming for all sorority women.

Every member does make a difference, whether in Alpha Sigma Alpha or NPC. I’m grateful for the Sorority and the Foundation for giving me the ability and the opportunity to serve.

Sue Zorichak, BB
NPC first alternate delegate

I am grateful for Alpha Sigma Alpha and the Alpha Sigma Alpha Foundation because their partnership, which develops national recognition through awards and scholarships, has taught me the more intangible values of the Sorority. We live by our eight core values, but through their application and use, we find something personal, something greater. The point of recognition through scholarships and awards is not to isolate individuals but to demonstrate and appreciate the types of legacies happening in every corner of the Sorority.

Through national awards, I have been able to help display and carry on the legacy of Mrs. Emma Colman Frost, Pi Pi Chapter, and her husband, Donald. I am thankful for their recognition that loyalty and allegiance do not come unchallenged or untested. Through my time at the Theta Alpha chapter and as a leadership consultant, I have failed more often than I care to admit. Further, I have also been pushed past my comfort zone, stretched and challenged. But that’s why fidelity does not imply blind faith.

Alpha Sigma Alpha does not expect blind faith, but rather appreciates a tried and true allegiance to the support the Sorority and Foundation have given us. That is why it is not contextual love, or conditional love, or ‘when it’s easy’ love. It’s the times when you can live bold and vulnerable, spreading your entire life out for an organization you’re learning to trust. When life outside of Alpha Sigma Alpha would have spat you back out, but Alpha Sigma Alpha holds on and says, “Try again. You have this in you.” This is the legacy that, through the Foundation and through our Sorority, I am thankful to live out each day.

Nora Dietz-Kilen, ΘΑ

I am grateful for Alpha Sigma Alpha and the Alpha Sigma Alpha Foundation because the partnership has made a significant impact on our members. Through donor support of the Alpha Sigma Alpha Foundation, the Sorority is able to develop and provide meaningful programs.

Support from the Alpha Sigma Alpha Foundation has personally impacted my membership. As a collegian, I was fortunate to represent my chapter at the Emma Coleman Frost Leadership Development Institute (LDI). LDI provided me with leadership skills, an opportunity for personal growth and gave me confidence as a leader.

As national president, I have been blessed to see the impact that this partnership has on our members throughout the country. Alpha Sigma Alpha women are given opportunities to learn, grow and serve.

I am grateful for not only what the Sorority and Foundation have accomplished together, but also for the opportunities that members will have from future endeavors in our partnership.

Melissa Koch Merriam, EE
National president

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