Messages of Gratitude

I am grateful for Alpha Sigma Alpha and the Alpha Sigma Alpha Foundation because of the Sorority’s generosity and dedication to my education. It has continued to bring me new relationships and has helped to keep me connected to my membership.

I graduated from Missouri State University in 2013 and have not lived in Missouri since, which means that I have seen my chapter grow from afar, but have not had the opportunity to meet new members. As a facilitator at Emma Coleman Frost Leadership Development Institute this past summer at the Kansas City location, I had the exciting experience of meeting a woman from the Beta Sigma Chapter who had just received the Patti Balwanz Scholarship. Being able to connect with another sister and hear how the same scholarship I received five years ago has positively impacted her brought me so much joy.

While I had never met Patti myself, she passed away in 2003, plenty of alumnae shared stories with me that made me feel connected to her. Upon my graduation in 2013, I traveled for Alpha Sigma Alpha as a leadership consultant and during my flight, I would read Nordie’s at Noon, a book that Patti and her friends had written together about their experience and the bond they shared while battling breast cancer. I have held onto the book all these years, but after meeting the most current Patti Balwanz scholarship winner I knew that it was time to pass it on to ensure that Patti’s legacy within Alpha Sigma Alpha and the Beta Sigma Chapter lived on. I am thankful that the Alpha Sigma Alpha Foundation has continued to connect generations of Beta Sigma women over the last 10 years in such a beautiful and supportive way.

Brittany Ankeny-Dooley, ΒΣ

We are grateful for Alpha Sigma Alpha and the Alpha Sigma Alpha Foundation because of the positive impact these organizations have had on our daughter and countless other young women across the country. We have watched our daughter find focus, encouragement and purpose during a pivotal time of life.

It is with true gratitude that our beautiful and precious daughter has been involved with the Alpha Sigma Alpha Sorority for the last six years. Our daughter has developed many quality personal and professional skills as a result of her involvement in these great organizations. We have seen this beautiful young woman develop into a poised and purposeful leader as a result of her involvement with the Sorority and the Foundation. We know that Sarah will always have many lasting friendships as a result of her time spent with Alpha Sigma Alpha. The impact of the many new, wonderful and challenging opportunities and responsibilities during Sarah’s last two years as an educational consultant will serve her well in her future professional endeavors.

Sarah’s passion and love for Alpha Sigma Alpha speak volumes to the values of the organization. Thank you for having such a positive and huge role in our treasured daughter’s collegiate life.

Ray and Linda Johnson
Parents of Sarah Johnson, BΘ and current education consultant

I am forever grateful for the partnership Alpha Sigma Alpha and the Alpha Sigma Alpha Foundation have. From a pragmatic perspective, as a past national president, I now see how diligently our national council and headquarters staff work to be good stewards of our financial resources. The only revenue the Sorority has is what it brings in through member fees, investments and other revenues. The partnership we have with the Alpha Sigma Alpha Foundation helps to defray the cost of our educational programs, thus freeing up our operating funds to be used to keep the Sorority running effectively.

From the idealistic perspective of a sister who has seen the impact these educational programs have on our members, I am grateful to the Alpha Sigma Alpha Foundation because it helps the Sorority develop women leaders. More importantly, the Alpha Sigma Alpha Foundation helps Alpha Sigma Alpha Sorority attain its main purpose; developing women of poise and purpose.

Suzanne Kilgannon, BI

On Nov. 6, 1967, I was initiated into Alpha Sigma Sorority, Alpha Gamma Chapter, Indiana University of Pennsylvania. I was so happy. I loved the women in the chapter who had quickly become my best friends and yes, my sisters even today.

As I look back fifty years, I realize that the reason why I joined Alpha Sigma Alpha is not the entire reason why I am still in love with my Sorority and its members. It is so much more…what started out as a social activity has evolved into a life mission based on our creed.

The Alpha Sigma Alpha Foundation didn’t exist until 1986, and the establishment of the Foundation was and is an integral part of the Sorority’s growth and maturity that naturally supports our core values. I believe it is the partnership between the Sorority and the Foundation that makes us soar.

The partnership is a strong extension of what we do together: place sisterhood as a priority, build leaders, provide scholarships for both college and alumnae, provide continuing education for life and careers, allow sisters to grow by attending leadership academies, regional meetings and national conventions and the list could go on.

The Creed of Alpha Sigma Alpha is on my desk and I read it often if not daily. I am thankful that these words guide our Sorority and the partnership with the Foundation in a most wonderful way.

I am grateful every day to be an Alpha Sigma Alpha,

Bonita Marince Maurer, AΓ

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