Messages of Gratitude

I am grateful for Alpha Sigma Alpha and the Alpha Sigma Alpha Foundation because a sister applied on my behalf to receive support from the Janice Adams Membership Assistance Fund. On October 7, 2016, I was directly impacted by Hurricane Matthew in Lumberton, NC. During the height of the storm, I was in my living room when a tree fell on my house. The tree caused part of the ceiling to fall on me, injuring my head. I received 8 staples to my scalp. I was also displaced for five months during this time and due to the severity of the storm in Lumberton, my children missed almost a month of school and I missed two and a half weeks at work.

Although I did receive assistance from FEMA, local faith-based organizations, my youngest son’s elementary school, friends, and family, it was a shock to see the amount of my emergency room bill even after my insurance paid its part and of course, the bills came around the holidays! The Alpha Sigma Alpha Foundation, thankfully, awarded me with this fund and sent me a check around the same time. As a result, I was able to pay my medical bills in a timely manner. I am forever grateful for the many ways our Foundation supports its members and I am grateful for the thoughts and prayers of my sisters both near and far.

Leslie Lowery, ΘΦ

I am grateful for Alpha Sigma Alpha and the Alpha Sigma Alpha Foundation because of the opportunities that each bring to members of the organization. Because of Alpha Sigma Alpha, I have been able to personally and professionally grow. Personally, I have grown through leadership. I enjoyed my collegiate time with Alpha Sigma Alpha, but it was not until I became an advisor in 2011 that I discovered how rewarding Alpha Sigma Alpha would be to me as a maturing woman. Alpha Sigma Alpha provided me the tools and support to grow as a leader. During my first five years as an advisor, I was known for my unbiasedness and fairness to the chapter and held multiple advisory roles. It is extremely important for all advisors to remain focused on developing women of poise and purpose, that is what Alpha Sigma Alpha did for me and I made it my goal to do the same for the collegiate women I advise.

Through the years, I have noticed small changes in myself. I am the most confident and proud when I am representing and working in my role as Epsilon Alpha chapter advisor. I believe in this organization and I try to represent that by living out our core values and aims in everything I do, from my full-time job to my parenting. This organization and the women I have the pleasure of working with give me purpose. My favorite quote from the Phoenix Degree Service is “Life is not taking in only; it is giving out too. It is giving ourselves – freely – to other people, giving ourselves in comradeship, in understanding, in joy, in love.” That is why I continue to advise and pour my heart into these women. Advising is at the very core of who I am as a woman and had it not been for the phone call in February of 2007 when I accepted my bid, I would have never achieved the successes in my life that I have today. It is my hope that the women I am blessed to come in contact with through advising can experience my dedication to the organization and truly see that Alpha Sigma Alpha is life-changing, life-inspiring, life-fulfilling and this Sorority will impact them the way it has impacted my life.

Much of my personal and professional growth has come from opportunities funded through the Alpha Sigma Alpha Foundation. I give to the Foundation because it provides educational programming and support for not only collegiate women, but for advisors and alumnae as well. Without the financial support of the Foundation, these programs would not be as readily available to thousands of women. The bubbly spirits of the Foundation staff and volunteers make giving so much fun, and cheerful givers are the best givers. Seeing the thousands of dollars that are poured into the Foundation each year is a huge inspiration, and I hope I am able to increase my giving through the years. I aspire to live up to the vision of Alpha Sigma Alpha and hope that I am recognized as a woman who is known for her character and concern for others. Alpha Sigma Alpha and the Alpha Sigma Alpha Foundation have given me countless opportunities, has taught me the value of obtaining healthy relationships and has shown that a strong bond of sisterhood will stand the test of time and for that, I am truly grateful.

Mandy Gray, EA

I am grateful for Alpha Sigma Alpha and the Alpha Sigma Alpha Foundation because of the endless opportunities they have given me as a collegiate member and as an alumna. Volunteering through Alpha Sigma Alpha has allowed me to continue leadership development and expand my horizons in aspects that I didn’t realize I could use in my workplace as a registered nurse. Events, such as Regional Volunteer Development Weekend, have allowed me to refuel my drive for leadership and personal reflection. I am grateful for the perspectives that I gained from Ginny Carroll’s “Problem Solving through the Positive Core” session. I am a preceptor to new nurses at work and was able to take key points from this session and redirect conversations from what people are doing wrong to a strengths-based method focusing on their best moments. Regional Volunteer Development Weekend also offers a great reminder of the impact that alumnae can make nationwide. It revitalizes my love for Alpha Sigma Alpha and for that I will always be grateful.

Ali Deighton, ΔΣ

My first LDI experience was as an alumna serving as a small group facilitator. I am grateful for the partnership between Alpha Sigma Alpha Sorority and the Alpha Sigma Alpha Foundation because if it wasn’t for that experience, I would not have been able to witness firsthand the transformation of the women in my small group.

Observing the changes and a-ha moments in that first small group, over the course of just one weekend, hooked me into staying engaged with Alpha Sigma Alpha after graduation. After this experience I went on to be a district volunteer, now work at national headquarters and I am a monthly donor to the Foundation. I show my gratitude and pay it forward by supporting the cultivation of the next leaders of Alpha Sigma Alpha. Without that partnership and that first-hand experience, I know that I would not have the relationships I have today or be half the woman I am. Thank you, Alpha Sigma Alpha Sorority and Alpha Sigma Alpha Foundation!

Lisa Ferro, EE

I am grateful for Alpha Sigma Alpha and the Alpha Sigma Alpha Foundation because I have had an amazing membership experience due to the opportunities this partnership creates. As a senior member of Theta Psi Chapter of Alpha Sigma Alpha, one of the many fantastic opportunities I have experienced is the Emma Coleman Frost Leadership Development Institute.

After two short days of small group sessions, I was one of the three members chosen out of the conference to speak of my experience. Not only was this a true moment of growth for me, but I also found it as a perfect occasion to spread positivity and support to my fellow sisters from across the nation. Without enough time to prepare a formal speech, I was encouraged to speak from my heart- which is exactly what I did. It opened my eyes to how grateful I am for joining Alpha Sigma Alpha, which in turn made me realize how grateful I am for the Alpha Sigma Alpha Foundation.

Without this partnership, I would’ve never met the wonderful women I did that weekend, I wouldn’t have become closer to my fellow chapter members who also attended. I wouldn’t have grown in my public speaking skills, I wouldn’t have been able to bring back such strong qualities to my own chapter and most importantly I wouldn’t have further developed into a woman of poise and purpose. These two organizations are so incredibly powerful together, and I hope every member gets to feel that same connection I did!

Carly Hanley, ΘΨ

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