Memories made possible: Founders’ Day 2015

I was recently thinking about how many photos I snap each day. My typical day may be something like this – taking a quick picture of my boys riding their bikes, snapping a photo of my Diet Coke can because it reads “trailblazer” and getting a selfie with a friend at dinner. I sometimes wonder why I take so many photos. Maybe it’s because it is easy with my iPhone that I need to capture the moment to share on social media or I want to preserve the memory in time.

Photos remind us of the circumstance, place or the feeling at that time in the past. We have all heard the saying, “A picture is worth a thousand words,” that refers to the notion that a complex idea can be conveyed with just a single still image.

I personally love reliving the past with the Timehop application on my phone. This app brings back your social media posts or photos that you took from your phone on that day in history. I love to see my boys as babies or witness a special photographic moment from an Alpha Sigma Alpha convention. It’s fun to live those moments again.

I only wish it could pull up images from my collegiate experience. I was in the era of actually having to use a camera, hoping the photo turned out good and waiting days to get the pictures developed. Although, I still get that warm fuzzy when I pull out my Alpha Sigma Alpha albums and look back at everything. The photos instantly bring back the memories of recruitment, bid nights, date parties, big/little reveals, service projects and fun times hanging with my Epsilon Epsilon Chapter sisters.

Those memories I have as a collegiate member of Alpha Sigma Alpha were possible because of five young women in Farmville, VA. These close friends who also wanted to be sisters made history by starting the fourth sorority at State Female Normal School on Nov. 15, 1901. Although I would have loved to spend time with these audacious leaders, I can visualize these women because of the images we have of each sister. I can relate to the sisterhood they shared and their experiences as Alpha Sigma Alpha women.

One of my favorite photos is of our first initiate Hattie Kelly’s dormitory room. It’s adorned with our letters. I love this because I think we could easily today see a similar dorm room on instagram full of Alpha Sigma Alpha pride. These photos bring back that time but also help us realize how things are still the same.

It’s amazing that 114 years later we are still an organization that fosters close friendships between members and develops women of poise and purpose. We are blessed to be living in a time when we can take full advantage of the power of an image and the ability to share with sisters across the country.

Take a moment this Founders’ Day to share a photo from your Alpha Sigma Alpha experience with #ASAMemory and tag sisters to remind them of our special bond. Some of us may need to scan the photo but it will be fun to see the different hair styles and fashion from the decades! Let’s light up social media and let the world know that Nov. 15 is Alpha Sigma Alpha’s Founders’ Day!

In Alpha Sigma Alpha,

Melissa Merriam



Melissa Koch Merriam
National President

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