Looking back on Alpha Sigma Alpha’s first national convention

Just four years after the founding of Alpha Sigma Alpha, the Sorority proudly called its first national convention at the Hotel Richmond in Richmond, VA, on Thanksgiving weekend, Nov. 29-30, 1905. At the time six chapters existed, enough to hold a convention, but only representatives of Alpha, Beta and Gamma Chapters were present.

Two important items were the topics of conversation at this inaugural event. These items included the election of the first national council and an official Alpha Sigma Alpha publication.

Edna Elcan was the only elected official of national council. Back then, national council was designated the grand council. Edna, though, was unable to attend. In her absence Alma Thraves, A, was designated the presiding officer.

The following officers were elected to grand council:

President: Edna Elcan, A
Vice president: Jeanne Pelham, Γ
Secretary: Effie Mealy, B
Historian: Lucy Daniels, A
Grand priestess: Alma Thraves, A

It was decided that the official Sorority publication would be a magazine. The Alpha Sigma Alpha Magazine would be published three times a year and would have a staff of five members.

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