Looking back 50 years: National Convention in St. Louis, MO

Alpha Sigma Alpha’s twenty-fifth National Convention was held June 26-30, 1967, at the Chase-Park Plaza in St. Louis, Missouri. The following are highlights from the event that occurred just over fifty years ago.

1967 National Council

National president: Mary C. Goeke, Alpha Alpha, Miami University

Vice president: Helen Hooper Malone, Beta Gamma, Northeastern State University

National secretary: Viola Caraway Brewer, Psi Psi, Northwestern State University

Treasurer: Juanita Roberts Rowe, Beta Sigma, Missouri State University

Membership director: Anne Petree Niemeyer, Alpha Alpha, Miami University

Alumnae director: Sidney Gremillion Allen, Psi Psi, Northwestern State University

Extension director: Lynn Peters Fountaine, Beta Epsilon, James Madison University

Phoenix editor: Bonnie Payne Koenemann, Zeta Zeta, University of Central Missouri


Workshops for collegiate members focused on areas of recruitment, constitution, extension, scholarship, budgeting, finance and voting. A large discussion revolved around “rush party” ideas and methods of implementing a rotation system during those parties.

Topics discussed in alumnae workshops were privileges and responsibilities, opportunities for service to the Sorority and community, philanthropic activities and finances. A resolution was made that the alumnae establish and encourage naming scholarships to be awarded to Alpha Sigma Alpha members pursuing degrees in higher education. It was also resolved that alumnae subscribe to the national housing fund.

50-year members

Jeannie Vinson Fisk, Gamma Gamma, Northwestern Oklahoma State University

Bertha Bass Miller, Gamma Gamma, Northwestern Oklahoma State University

Grace Fultz Haworth, Delta Delta, Ohio University

Sarah Key Reeve, Alpha Alpha, Miami University

Helen Boggess Swart, Alpha Alpha, Miami University

Tour of St. Louis

Many delegates extended their stay an additional day to take a planned tour of St. Louis by bus. This tour gave the opportunity to view many places of interest including the new Gateway Arch and Busch Memorial Stadium. Stops along this tour were made at Busch Brewery, Shaw’s Garden and the Jefferson Memorial.

Analysis, Summation, Apperception

As part of the final business session, Helen Malone, national vice president addressed the delegation. Being the twenty-fifth-anniversary convention she turned to the significance of the number ‘25’ and its relationship to anniversaries – a silver anniversary. Helen stated that silver is a thing of beauty, it requires care and when it is polished, it radiates. She concluded her thoughts with a challenge as followed:

“Let us, then, by analysis, summation and apperception, assume responsibility in Alpha Sigma Alpha with a loyalty of spirit that will not fail. As with silver, let’s give loving care to our Sorority so it will always be radiant – for us now and for all of our sisters in the years to come.”

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    Love seeing these…our BD alums try to meet annually in Biloxi, MS each July. We will be missing our beloved Dolly, but she will be watching from heaven.

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