Letter from Four Founders to the Golden Anniversary Convention

Four of Alpha Sigma Alpha’s Founders – Juliette Hundley Gilliam, Mary Williamson Hundley, Louise Cox Carper and Virginia Boyd Noell – helped to celebrate our heritage at the Golden Convention in Roanoke in 1952.

They prepared a statement to express their appreciation to the Sorority and their enthusiasm for its continued development.

“The four Founders of Alpha Sigma Alpha who have the joy of being present at this Golden Anniversary are devoutly thankful for the great accomplishments that have been achieved by those who are carrying on the purpose of FRIENDSHIP for which we banded ourselves together in that year of long ago. They have broadened our outlook into wide fields of service…To the leaders of the Sorority, from our gracious Wilma Sharp, down through the list of those who have worked long and joyously to make pleasant our stay at this convention, we are eternally grateful. And to the many young creatures who are in themselves visions of loveliness, we say that their sweetness to us and their loyalty to Alpha Sigma Alpha have given us an experience that will be cherished eternally down deep in our hearts.”

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