Less stuff, more happiness

I’ve always loved to organize. There’s something about tackling a large, messy pile, putting everything into its designated spot and throwing out the old that thrills me. Only recently it has occurred to me just how often I purge my closets, drawers and desk of unneeded items. You’d think spending so much time organizing would make me more…organized. 

Clearing the clutter in our lives – both physically and metaphorically – can give us a breath of fresh air. However, it’s only moving intentionally through this process that we are able to actually enjoy it. I used to keep my favorite clothes in a special shrine in my closet. Never to be worn, never to be damaged. What that left me with was other clothing that I didn’t like as much, that didn’t give me as much joy and that didn’t give me the confidence of the clothing I really liked.

So what’s in the box at the back of your closet? What’s the box under your bed? Graham Hill makes a great point: we can have a few bags in a hotel room in an amazing city and not be too concerned that we don’t have much. It’s time to throw open the drawers and decide: Does this make me happy? Do I enjoy this item? And if the answer is no, it’s time for it to find a new home and someone who will enjoy it more.

Sydney Anselmi, ΗΗ

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