Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin: a Hilarious Celebration of Lifelong Female Friendship

High school brought Patti Vollbrecht and Marylou Wendzinski together before and both women went on to attend college at the University of Wisconsin at Whitewater. While in college Patti and Marylou joined the Delta Zeta Chapter of Alpha Sigma Alpha and solidified their lifelong friendship. Read their stories below:

“With life’s ups and downs, it is a wonderful feeling to know that one thing won’t change. I will always have Marylou Wendzinski in my life to celebrate our ups and to help through the downs. Who would have thought that our sisterhood would last a lifetime? I can remember sitting on the porch swing on Marylou’s house and talking for hours. For four years we lived across the street from one another, laughing and crying together. Having the sorority as a common bond has helped us with our friendship.  We would see new opportunities as a volunteer in the sorority and go for it together.  Our first step a volunteer was to help the Milwaukee Alumnae Chapter with the National Convention when it was in Milwaukee. Since then we have shared the experiences of attending conventions, District Day events, and LDIs. We have created some awesome memories together. I hope that we will be able to experience much more. Life is so much fun when you have a friend like Marylou at your side.”

Patti Blunt Vollbrecht, DZ
“A long term friend is a treasure.  For over fifty years, I have been blessed by staying close to my dear friend, Patti Vollbrecht. Sharing history together and knowing each other’s path over many years adds richness and understanding to a relationship. It is easier to be vulnerable or to share when you know that whatever you say will likely be responded to with understanding, support and unconditional love.  Even when I am unhappily venting after a bad day, or crying over a loss, Patti is there to lift my heart.

Being long term friends does not dull your individuality. It actually sharpens it, when you have a friend who accepts you and complements your qualities with their own.  I’d like to think that my sorority sister and BFF, Patti, and I bring out the best in each other. Sometimes we bring out the sassiest in each other too!  Watching Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin reminded me of Patti and me. We are forever friends who might have lost one another after college if Alpha Sigma Alpha had not bound us together. Lucky me! I cannot imagine life without her!”

Marylou Kulaszewicz Wendzinski, DZ

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2 responses to “Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin: a Hilarious Celebration of Lifelong Female Friendship”

  1. Chiquita C. says:

    This is true. The friends you make and keep throughout life makes life more enjoyable. Crystal Miller is my best friend from our chapter Zeta Rho and I always say I can go through life with no fear because I know she will always be right by my side.

  2. Hillary S. says:

    I really enjoyed this video. As I have gained a little age and wisdom, I can identify my strong and respectful female friendship from my toxic ones. I am so thankful to Alpha Sigma Alpha for introducing some of my best friends into my life and continuing to add new people to the equation with convention and growth activities. I am still extremely close to my big, my little, and my pearl from my college days. At convention this past summer, I made a new friend with a fellow advisor, and even though we live far apart, I have already visited her, and we text often. The great part about female friends is the bond we share. My other two best friends I met at an internship in college, and while I definitely don’t get to see them as much as I want because they live in Chicago and I live in Nashville. I know those two girls will always have my love and support, and I will always have theirs. Additionally, I love my male friends too, but I would never consider them to replace any of my best female friends.

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