In Chaos, Be Kind

As a Burn Intensive Care nurse, my career environment is an exciting rollercoaster of a challenge. Recently, I watched a comedian’s special whose message was “in chaos, be kind,” and the Burn Unit definitely brings the chaos. It is the generosity of my colleagues and our team dynamic that makes us special. Kindness is many things: a helpful gesture, a minute of time, a bowl of soup, cupcakes, just to name a few. Alpha Sigma Alpha has instilled in its members that value. “Life is not taking in always; it is giving out, too.”

In this article, an overview of Adam Grant’s Give and Take: A Revolutionary Approach to Success, LearnVest shares Grant’s five tips to be a giver in the workplace and succeed in your career by being a giver. Applying these tips is a start to enhance your workplace and make your star shine brightly. A kind spirit will not go unnoticed, and it will begin to grow in others as well.

Hillary Sexton, ZΩ

I recently attended an executive professional development session where I was challenged to examine the diversity of my professional network. Part of the exercise was to determine the strength of my network, similar to Adam Grans’s classification of “strong, weak, or dormant” connections in the article “Is Giving the Secret to Getting Ahead?”.

In the article, Grant explains that top performers in the workplace tend to be “givers”, assuming they don’t let themselves be taken advantage of by the takers and matchers. It’s important to be human in the workplace and to collaborate and help others as you can.

I encourage you to read the article below and challenge yourself to be an intelligent giver.

Angie Schaefer, BΣ




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