I am an alumna initiate

Adoneca Fortier, BΘ

How time flies! I remember the butterflies, the grandeur, the excitement and joy of being initiated at the 1998 National Convention & Leadership Conference in Dallas.

I am often asked if I missed the college experience or the fun of recruitment since I was initiated as an alumna.

Sisterhood, lifelong friendships, fun times and making a difference is what Alpha Sigma Alpha is to me, and it has been one great experience after another. Every day in every way I grew more successful with the mission of Alpha Sigma Alpha in my life. I now experience these core values in every degree of my life. I have met sisters who continue to inspire, strengthen and uplift me.

Often when I wear my letters in public, women approach me and express how they have always wanted to join a sorority. They don’t know there are still opportunities for them to do so after graduation. I encourage them to press forward toward their goal to join the organization they always wanted. I speak with enthusiasm about Alpha Sigma Alpha and my alumnae chapter. I love sharing the mission of Alpha Sigma Alpha Sorority with others. I inform them of what I want to achieve, accomplish and experience as a sister of Alpha Sigma Alpha.

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