I am an Alpha Sigma Alpha

“I was an Alpha Sigma Alpha”, “I am an Alpha Sigma Alpha”, two short statements that at first glance so similar, but in reality these two statements send completely different messages.

I am a 42 year young women and I am an Alpha Sigma Alpha. My time at the University of Southern Indiana was a one part of my sorority journey. My chapter sisters are still a daily part of my life, but because I understand I am an Alpha Sigma Alpha for life I was gifted with even more amazing experiences beyond those college years.

I give Alpha Sigma Alpha credit for many of my personal and professional successes. I met my husband at a sister’s wedding and doors opened to a meaningful career, thanks to my Alpha Sigma Alpha relationships and continued personal development opportunities. I gained more professional development being a chapter standards advisor, than most of the dozens of professional association and leadership conferences I have attended or facilitated.

There is no set recipe for each sister as you leave your college world behind. I can promise you if you are open to giving a little more, your cup of amazing experiences with runneth over.

If you felt you never found your place during your college sorority years, you can create a whole different experience as an active alumna. If you had the time of your life planning recruitment events and attending every Greek week activity, it’s not over.

If you need a break, take it, but not for too long. Alpha Sigma Alpha needs you and whether you know it yet or not, you need us! Join an Alumnae Chapter, become a coach for Girl’s on the Run or attend your chapter’s anniversary celebration.

From Oct. 13, 1995 the day I was initiated, to the moment my sister’s joined me in the delivery room after having my own ladybug legacy and for years to come, I am an Alpha Sigma Alpha.


Laura Zabel Hockstra, ΔK


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