How to thank the Alpha Sigma Alpha volunteers in your life

Have you ever thought about all of the individuals who contribute to our Sorority’s success? We have our collegians who continuously work to further the growth of Alpha Sigma Alpha, our National Council who makes the decisions that will cause our Sorority to thrive and move forward, and our headquarters staff who oversees all operations for the Sorority on a national scale. However, there is another group of individuals that work tirelessly to help our sisterhood be the best it can be; our volunteers.

April is Volunteer Appreciation Month, and it is important that we take the time to show our volunteers how thankful we are for their work and dedication to our Sorority! Alpha Sigma Alpha volunteers serve on chapter advisory boards, on regional levels, on national teams and with the Foundation. Find out more about what each position does here.

How do you currently show your gratitude for the volunteers who help you and your chapter be successful? Here are some ideas of different ways to say “thank you”:

For your advisory board:
  • Hold the Advisor Appreciation Ceremony. It can be done in 4 separate ceremonies for each week of April, or it can be done in one ceremony.
  • Host a luncheon or give a small gift to show a token of appreciation to your advisory board.
  • Write detailed and heartfelt thank you notes or emails to your advisors.
  • Serenade your advisory board with a sorority song.
  • Highlight your advisors on your social media accounts.

**Collegians can find all advisor appreciation materials on Officer Portal**

For region and national team volunteers:
  • Send them a thank you note/email thanking them for their support.
  • If you are unable to meet in person due to geographical distance, give them a personalized phone call to tell them how appreciative you are of their help.
  • Highlight your thanks for region and national team volunteers through your chapter’s social media accounts.

Volunteer Appreciation Month lasts the entire month of April, so continue to shower volunteers with your gratitude all month long! Alpha Sigma Alpha is continuously strengthened by their commitment and dedication. Thank you, volunteers, for all that you do!

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