How to Show Agape Love

I have been a sister of our dearly beloved Sorority for over 12 years, and as the time has passed, I have learned they mean what they say when they say agape love is shown, not spoken.

One of our exemplars, Jesus Christ, represents agape love in its finest form. We accept the love of one another, just as he did for us. This embraces the unconditional love (not necessarily romantic) we have for our fellow brothers and sisters around the world. No matter the difference, love persists. This is something we often need to reflect on today.

When I look back on my time with Alpha Sigma Alpha, I realize how much agape I have received from sisters. I was taken in when I had nowhere to go. I was fed. I was given the opportunity to lead. I’m able to volunteer and start giving back that same love.

As we start to learn how to be more inclusive as a sorority, we learn the true meaning of agape love. We learn to recognize and appreciate the differences of our sisters. We ask questions. We step into another’s shoes. And we find out how we can look inside ourselves to accept, love, and selflessly give full measure.

So what are ways we can show our sisters agape love in its purest form?

  1. Start the conversation. Don’t be afraid to ask about something you don’t understand.
  2. Listen. Once you’ve started that conversation, listening is your most powerful tool.
  3. Hug your sister. Show that affection whatever way you can and whatever is most comfortable.
  4. Send a meal. Have a sister that is going through something? I know I’ve always enjoyed a night off from cooking. It helps the stress levels go down.
  5. Mail a postcard. Seems old school, I know. It’s always wonderful to receive happy mail, and offers to do the hard work, you just pay and they send the postcard to your loved one!
  6. Volunteer. For the Sorority, for a food bank, for your religious institution; whatever is calling to you. The best way to show love is to give love.
  7. Make a gift basket. So I’m a couponer, and I love to find the best deals on things. When I know someone with a birthday coming up, or when they are having a hard time, gift baskets help immensely.
  8. Pray for them. If you pray, pray a solid prayer, asking for Christ to watch over our dear sister. If you don’t pray, that’s ok. Thinking of them and checking on them helps too.
  9. Lastly, remind them how loved they are. How special they are to you. I have one sister in particular that if it weren’t for her, I’m not sure where I would be today. And because of her, I have sisters around the country I talk to and keep up with on social media. I see sisters at events. I see the love I needed before I even knew Alpha Sigma Alpha existed.

Now that I’m a little bit wiser than I was at 22, I count my blessings sister by sister. I know if I were in a bind, Alpha Sigma Alpha is there. I will always remember to show agape to my sisters. Never forget the love Christ showed for us. For it is our turn to show that love to yourself and yours.

Sammy Graham Fornshell

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