How to live passionately no matter your age

In her TED talk, Isabelle Allende, a 71 (going on 35) year-old dynamo, speaks directly to women approaching retirement and beyond. Now, this is a woman who embraces our core value of enjoyment. With humor and honesty, she encourages us to “say YES to life” as we get older, and she challenges us to “stay passionate and engaged with an open heart”. She points out that it all comes down to a positive attitude. Isabelle will make you smile, make you laugh and inspire you to stay eternally young.

My takeaway from this phenomenal message is that it will remind you of our own Alpha Sigma Alpha Creed and the famous words all Alpha Sigma Alphas live by – “to love life and joyously live each day to its ultimate good.”


Lori White Scott, EE

Watch here

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